Fake Marathons?

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    Fake Marathons?

    I recently had my hands on what I believe to have been a fake Marathon GSAR. Distinguishing features were

    -red line on 12 marker
    -lack of lume at 12 and at 0 on position the bezel
    -bezel had 90 clicks instead of the expected 120

    Looking around I see some eBay auctions with similar looking pieces so beware.

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    Re: Fake Marathons?

    Looks like an older legitimate version that the tube at 12 fell off. Probably a red line under where the tube used to be.

    There have been different versions as updates have been made thru the yearly contracts. What is the date of the contract on the back?

    Highly unlikely that there are fakes, IMHO.

    Mine is GSAR 41mm new version with 15 Tritium tubes including on sweep second hand.

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    Re: Fake Marathons?

    Quote Originally Posted by divdev View Post
    I recently had my hands on...
    What does this mean? In matters like this it is often helpful to know where the watch came from/who is selling it etc. So did you "have your hands on it" in a store? Did you ask them about it?

    I was going to say the 12 marker looks like it could be a photographic artefact of some kind (because the watch looks fine to me), but if you saw it in person then I don't know what to say.

    The casebacks of Marathons also have tons of information engraved on them - what did this one have?

    More information would be helpful, including links to the ebay instances you are talking about - I'm genuinely curious to know, as I have/have had a number of Marathons and have never known of any fakes.

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