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    Fake Watch

    Hello, I just wondering if you guys ever spot fake Seiko watches, fake Swiss Army watches....of less expansive brand.

    Usually fake watches are copy from watches that has sky high prices like Rolex, Omega, Breitling...etc.

    I just don't know if ppl make fake watch off not so expansive brand. Cuz doesn't seems to makes sense since the fake production cost might come close to thos not so expansive brands.

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    Fake Watch

    Seiko Divers is the world I play in ... and yes, there are plenty of fakes out there. Especially for the sought-after older models (6309's, 6105's, etc.)

    And this is not limited to older models; one of our own forum members was sold a fake SKX007 (I think that was the model) by an eBay seller just a few months ago.

    Plenty of Casio's get faked, usually the more sought after models (Frogman, Raysman, etc.)

    I've heard of fake Citizens, Timex's, Swiss Army, and many others. The bottom line is this: If some joker can make a few bucks, he/she will fake anything. True,fake Rolex, Breitling, Patek and the like will bring big $$, but how many do they sell? Not as many of the fake lower-tier brands I'll bet. If I can make $30.00 to $50.00 USD on a fake Seiko, and sell 200 of them, then I've made allot more money than selling one or two very high-priced Rollies or B'lings. The lower-tier watches aren't as closely scrutinized as the upper tier pieces.

    Know your seller; do your homework. As you should for any purchase. Be smart, and hopefully you'll not get burned. Sometimes, though, if you buy enough pieces, one will get through. Then, you fight back .....
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