Few questions about automatic movement with chronograph

Thread: Few questions about automatic movement with chronograph

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    Question Few questions about automatic movement with chronograph

    Just to make sure,
    1. If the power reserve stops at the middle of the night (before the day/date finish it moves) should I 'charge'/wind it untill finish its moves (at 6/7 am) and then change the day/date/time or its safe to done it while it stop moving?

    2. Same question - when power reserve stops is it safe to press the reset chrono timer button or prefer to do it only when watch is winding?

    3. Can pressing the chronograph reset button while timer running (forget to stop before) cause any damage?

    4. How bad is it to wind counterclockwise (the wrong direction)?

    5. Specific at Omega Day Date Mark 40 (3520.50), is the wind is opposite then most of the watches (backwards instead of forwards)? because only when I wind backwards I've hear the 'clicks'. (//edit - I guess you should wind it with the direction of clockwise when setting the time? because the time goes forward/clockwise when moving crown backward, so this is the same direction to wind it?)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Few questions about automatic movement with chronograph

    Here's what I'd do:
    1. Manually adjust the hands to 6/7 am and then set the day/date. Using a quick set day/date feature is usually not advised between something like 8pm and 4am, no matter whether the movement is running or not.

    2. Give the watch a wind until it starts, then stop the chrono and reset.

    3. Yes. But pressing the reset while chrono is running would usually require considerable amount of force --> don't try.

    4. No harm done as the crown doesn't engage any gears, just spins "freely" therefore you won't gain anything either.

    5. Not familiar with the mentioned watch, but it seems that the click you're hearing are coming from the clutch of the winder --> see number 4.

    Please notice that these are only one view from someone who's just a hobbyist and not a watch mechanic. There might well be variations between watch movements.

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