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    Find me a watch

    Im looking for a stainless watch that is a somewhat of a mix between dress and casual. In terms of styling I really like the look of the Tag Aquaracer, but considering I don't swim in piles of money, I won't be getting one of those. The ideal watch would would have the same type of look, as well as the following characteristics.

    Quartz Movement
    Stainless (or even better, Titanium) bracelet
    Perpetual Calendar
    Black Dial

    Im not sure that such a watch exists. The closest I have found so far is the Swiss Army Classic Chronograph Titanium, which looks great, and has all of those features, except the perpetual calendar. At $350 street price, I could just about swing it. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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    Re: Find me a watch

    Citizen makes perpetual calendar models that would meet your criteria and budget.

    The man who buys a particular watch to feel smarter or better than other people and the man who avoids a particular watch to feel smarter or better than other people are brothers.

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