First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!
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Thread: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

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    First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    My taste and opinion on watches has changed so much since I started it would be curious to see how yall evolved.
    #1 g shock- I was young and surfed alot wanted watch to beat on
    #2 seiko turtle back - grandpa left me this watch. Started the mechanical watch thinking
    #3 victorinox officer automatic- first one with see through back this is when I got fascinated with mechanical movements
    #4 Rolex Oyster perpetual- ever since I was little my grandpa wore one and I admired the stories and longevity of it
    #5 New Tudor black bay- I really just think this watch is beautiful and am a big fan of the Rolex 5510. Hard to resist when I discovered it.
    Of course each watch has a story and meaning behind it but these are quick thoughts.
    What started it for you?
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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    I first bought a "tester" watch and then "real" watches:

    #0 - Seagull M172S - liked it. Wore it enough to get hooked. Stopped wearing it once I got nicer watches and gave it away.

    #1: Bell and Ross 03x92 - Liked it. Sold it to a friend when I got my Panerai 24 as I wasn't wearing it enough. Regretted that sale a lot for a while but am ok with it now.

    #2: IWC Aquatimer - loved the watch. Sold it after a year and a half b/c my tastes moved to smaller watches. I will miss it. If it came in a smaller and thinner size, it would be a lifetime keeper for me.

    #3: Tudor Chrono Heritage: liked it. Traded it for a Panerai 24 which I liked even more. Kinda regret it and may get a blue chrono heritage to replace the Sinn I have right now.

    #4: Panerai 24: Enjoyed it a lot. However, my tastes evolved to smaller watches so I flipped it for a 241. That turned out to be a little too small for a Panerai so I bought a 688 LE and sold it. The 688 is a keeper.

    #5: Zenith El Primero. Love it but again, a part of me wishes I had gotten the 38 mm. I am still undecided on that, though as there are times when I do like the larger size. I am, however, considering trading it for a 38mm.

    I also bought a Rodina Nomos homage and a Parnis Panerai homage to try on the styles before buying the actual ones.

    All these watches were bought unseen or on an impulse. But I think my change in preferences played a bigger role in the flip.

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    Core: ALS 1815 Up/Down, AP RO, Breguet Marine, Blancpain FF MilSpec, JLC Master Geo, GO Panomatic, Rolex BLRO, Panerai 688, Rolex Exp2 polar, Cartier Santos XL ADLC, Zenith El Primero tricolor, [Empty Slot]
    Secondary: Oris Brashear chrono, Oris 65/42 green, Oris 65/40mm, Oris 65 bronze, Rado Capt Cook LE, Seiko Prospex Padi, Doxa 1200T Pro
    :Tissot T-Touch Expert, Swatch S51, Seagull 1963, Sturmanskie Yuri Gagarin, Fortis Marine Master, G-Shock GMW-B500
    FS: Seiko Orange Monster Gen2, Gruppo Gamma Vanguard, Squale Milsub
    Gone: Tudor Chrono Heritage, Hamilton Khaki Field, B&R03-92, Seiko SKX007, Orient Sun&Moon, Seagull M172S, Rado Vintage Diver, Hamilton Pan Europ, Orient Mako, Meistersinger Pangaea, IWC Aquatimer, PAM 24, JR Aquascope, Tudor BB Black, Longines Legend Diver, PAM 241, Bernhardt Anchor3, WUS GMT watch, Damasko DB2, Helson Shark Diver, Seiko 5, Ventus Mori Brass, Glycine Airman, Eterna Kon-Tiki, Zelos Gallant, Sinn 103 A sa B, Oris 65/42 blue

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    1. Wrangler from Walmart. I was 16 at the time. No clue.

    Then I got hooked on daily deal sites:
    2. Bulova diamond bezel thing. GF thought it was cool and wanted us to match. That girl became my wife. It was a good choice.

    3&4. Couple Stuhrling. No reason other than they were skeletonized and cheap.

    5. Invicta Speedway took me to 28 or so. Looked like Rolex. I fell into the overinflated MSRP trap.

    6. Rolex Sub. I decided to get a "real" watch and overpaid at Tourneau.

    7. Timex Weekender. I liked the idea of changing straps to match my outfits. It's one of the loudest ticking watches I own. I have to keep it in a separate room.

    8. Omega DSoTM . Saw it on these forums. Tried it on and liked it.

    9. Alba. It was like the timex except it had kanji day of the week. It wears smaller too.

    10. Nomos GMT. I was traveling and wanted a sensible GMT.

    11-50+ that's another story.

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    1. Swatch Watch back in the mid-1980's
    2. Orange Swiss Army Dive Master 500, quartz, when I first learned how to Scuba
    3. Blue Swiss Army Dive Master 500, quartz, for a Scuba trip to Hawaii
    4. Seiko Baby Tuna srp637 for diving/swimming/everyday wear
    5. Citizen Ecozilla for local drysuit diving - it also looks good on an orange strap
    6. Seiko Blumo for the 6r15 movement, finish and look. I'm big into affordability and value (both subjectively, for myself)
    7. Steinhart Marine Chronometer Roman, for a fun wind-up watch I can bring to the café when I read, or lounging on the water/docks
    8. Steinhart Ocean 44, because I was shocked by the quality:cost ratio of the Steinhart Marine. And I'm again I'm pleasantly surprised, the 44 (I tend to do larger watches as I have 8"+ wrists) has performed flawlessly. I have some mods planned to differentiate it even further from the Sea Dweller it's based on.

    At 38, a modest collection to be sure. But they're mine, and I enjoy them (except for the Swatch, I wore it all the time in gradeschool, and at one point it disappeared).
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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    1) Casio Digitial when I was 10ish
    2) Swatch watch in middle school
    3) Freestyle digital dive watch when I was first out of college
    4) Tissot T Touch Expert
    5) Steinhart Nav B Uhr
    6) Steinhart Ocean 44 GMT
    7) Tissot V8
    8) TX something or other
    9) Seiko OM
    10) Tissot Coutourier

    Only the Tissot T Touch remains, my trusty go to beater

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    Timex or similar til middle school - that's what my parents provided.

    Pulsar in middle school thru high school - gift from my grandmother.

    Seiko graduation gift til mid late 20s - gift.

    Seiko til 37 - this is more than 1, but 1 at a time.

    Seiko titanium sport kinetic 100 - this is the first watch I actually put some thought into. It was expensive, for me at the time ~$700 IIRC, but I liked that it was self winding (automatic, of sorts) and would never need a battery. It, and Seiko along with it, failed after just over 3 years. Dead as a door nail and Seiko would not replace parts - sorry Charlie.

    All the above are are long gone. All the following, with the exception of the electric blue Seamaster are still with me.

    Tag Heuer 2000 TT - After the Seiko experience, I went and bought the runner-up that lost to the Seiko. Still have it, runs great, wear it occasionally.

    Rolex Sub* - got a bonus and bought the Sub. My wife got a TT DJ. Still have both, but while I wear the Sub quite a lot (it's my beater) the DJ is a safe queen.

    Baume Capeland - Gift from my wife. I am not a chrono guy, but my wife loves this watch. I don't object to it, so I wear it on occasion - enough to have worn out & replaced the OEM strap after 16 years.

    Dad's Seamaster - gifted from dad. I had to get it restored and wear is occasionally. It is the only gold look (gold filled) watch I have, so despite its original intent in 1948, it sometimes does dress duty.

    Omega Seamaster Electric Blue - I got this one to go with dad's. After wearing it quite a bit, it didn't keep particularly good time and was rather large, I sold it. I wish I had just stored it and had it serviced. I like the look a lot, but not enough to replace it.

    Breitling Transocean Day & Date* - after taking a haitus of 10 years from watch buying, the kids are now raised. Dad had recently died, so I thought of a commemoration watch. I have his Seamaster, but wear it sparingly because of the easily scratched crystal. I was looking for something, but I wasn't sure what. My wife and I were picking my Sub up from a service and just browsing. I was looking at that Tag, Tudor, Rolex, Cartier and Patek cases. Nothing really called my name. Not being a chrono guy, I did not even look at the Breitling case, but my wife did. She called my attention to this guy, so I tried it on. My first reaction was "dang that thing is huge". I still have this thought, but with an 8+" wrist, I can pull it off. I like this watch quite a lot, but if it were a 38mm case and 2/3 the height, it would be perfect.

    Tissot Ballade III TT - had a client that took issue with expensive watches,so I needed a watch that would fly under their radar. This one has a lovely dial and will be put on a strap when the bracelet gold wears off. This is a nice, if inexpensive, watch and it runs well. I wear it occasionally and more to certain clients.

    Tag F1 Calibre 16 - gift from my wife on first grandfather's day. I am not a chrono guy and not a fan of larger watches. This one weighs half a pound and looks like a skyscraper, so it gets limited wrist time. I do wear it when we go to soccer matches and time the halves.

    GV2 - bought on a whim. This is a funky watch that is fun to wear - so I do.

    Zenith Elite* - This is a nice thin 37mm dressy watch a I wear it quite a lot at work. Slim & light weight, you don't even notice it is there.

    JLC Grande Reverso Duo* - I went to look at the JLC MUT Moon and MUT Date. I was rather non-plussed as they were both a bit hard to read in a variety of lighting situations. The Grande Reverso Duo, however, with its blued hands on white/silver dial or white hands on black dial was quite the looker and easy to read. I tried it on and it felt like it had always been there, it just fits me right. I have always been a huge fan of Art Deco and this fits right in - sold. It wasn't what I had gone to look for, but I am glad it was the there.

    * - these 4 get the vast majority of my wrist time.

    I wouldn't say my tastes have changed over time, although it would be easy to read that into his post. When I bought the Rolex, it was almost expected at work. I remember, one guy got a Breitling and got pilloried. I went with the flow. I really wanted a TT DJ, but I wanted to get my wife a gift too, so I stepped down to the Sub. It's a great watch that I wear most of the time when I am not at work, i.e., weekends and vacations. The Seamaster was bought to go with dad's, sort of bookending the Seamaster styles. The Breitling is a great business casual watch that can do suit duty with a strap change. The Zenith & Reverso can do business formal or less.
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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    I summarized my early journey in this thread from a couple years ago. The Orient, Hamilton, and hand-wound VSA are no longer with me.

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    1. Rolex DJ - my dream watch
    2. I'll just get this PRC200 while the Rolex is away for service. Ooo look! A slippery slope - It's to be hoped nobody steps on that.
    3. That PRS200 looks nice, I might as well get it. I can still see that slippery slope.
    4. The Seastar - cor a diver (slippery slope ahoy)
    5. The Diver Date - The first Oris of many. - no more use pretending. I'm well and truly on the slope and it's just as slippy as advertised.

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    These are my "first 5" (not including when I was a little kid)
    1. Timberland quartz chronograph - bought it cause I saw it on like one of those deal websites for like $40 and recognized the brand name. Thought it looked kinda cool.
    2. Stuhrling quartz watch - didn't realize it at the time, but looks similar to a datejust but not a real homage at least with no cyclops. Saw it for sale on amazon for like $50 (marked down from like $100) so thought, why not?
    3. Some Dutch company quartz watch - again bought on amazon but this one was a little more expensive. Thought to myself at the time, I wanted a more "serious" watch, haha. It has subdials that kinda look like a chronograph, but are just day/date/24hr indicators, because at the time I didn't know any better. Thought it looked pretty cool so I bought it.
    4. Ingersoll automatic. This is when I first started getting interested in automatics, and I started really likening square watches. This is a big white square watch with an open heart design, which at the time I loved since automatics were just so "cool"
    5. Parnis automatic with an open heart and power reserve. This must've been around the time I just joined the forums and heard about these "affordable" watches. I loved this one, I tried to buy another that never came (thankfully) and got a refund. This one gave me trouble on occasion so I sold it.

    i still own the first four which are sitting in a drawer. Tried to sell a few of them with no luck, so guess I'm keeping them until I find someone that wants them.

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    Re: First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!

    1. IWC Portguese Chronograph (3714-46) -- Something about those blue hands and applied numerals...While some people hate that the 6 and 12 on the dial are chopped, I think it's great.
    2. Nomos Ludwig Automatik Datum -- Love the roman numerals, the overall size (One of the larger models in the Nomos line up) and again, those sexy blued hands.
    3. Stowa Marine Klassik 40 Silver w/ Soprod A-10 movement -- Was seeking something cheaper, but still well made that I could beat up on. Oh, and again, blued hands.
    4. TBD
    5. TBD

    Going to take my time with the last 2 spots to see how my tastes develop with time.
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