First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?
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Thread: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

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    First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    Hey everyone --

    A few years ago, in the thread, "Is there truly no love for Timex" I posted a short re-telling of the watch that kicked off my love of watches:

    "Timex!?! That's what started this whole love affair!

    I was but a young lad, with allowance money in my pocket and a mind to put it to good use, but, what to buy? Then, one day, a gold casement sparkled out, shining to me, beckoning me near to the rotating plastic carousel at the end of the counter, of the newly opened 'London Drugs' store in our small Canadian town. What was this work of magic? This machination didn't even have a dial! A grey screen, instead, like I'd seen on a calculator....and upon it floated dark gray hands, the second hand appearing, only to vanish, then return again. The illusion was entrancing....

    I added up my meager dollars, but I was well short of the mark, but my heart was set. The future had arrived, and I would be the one to own it!

    Week after week, then month by month, I saved, more miserly than old unconverted Scrooge himself! I denied myself gum, hockey cards, marbles, and not even my best friend could borrow a single thin dime.

    I was eager now for a boring shopping trip, the longer the list, the better! Wading through toiletries and cosmetics was more than worth it, for a chance to stand at the counter, at the slowly spinning alter of my dreams....

    "That line over there is shorter, son, come on, we don't need to be standing here forever..." I begrudgingly would move. No one understood. I could stand there forever, wishing that a dozen or a hundred more people stood in front of us, just to give me more time with time itself.

    Eventually, the day came. I plunked down my Great White North bills and coins proudly, but now could barely wait to get out of the store. No Christmas gift in all of my short years of living could compare to the reverential unwrapping of my prize...

    Owned it and wore it until it eventually died, but, yup, it was called the Timex Illusion, and it is the watch that started my love of watches and for me, there is always love for the brand that first stole my heart!"

    In 2017, my mom passed away, and the following months, and ongoing, were (still are, but less so now) extremely difficult (wasn't even posting here anymore, or doing much beyond dealing with grief). As always, there was stuff to have to sort through, and it took quite a while before I found the strength to do so. Too many memories, all at once, with the loss still so fresh.

    Well, I finally set about to do so, and bless my mom, in a box of my "old things" I didn't even know she'd kept, was that very Timex! Also, my second watch -- my "sport" watch at the time -- a Casio "Twin Graph" which I remember thinking was the coolest gadget watch in my young life.

    A flood of reminiscing, for sure, and what a thrill, and just one of the countless unspoken things my mom did, her whole life, in blessing my years on this earth. I had thought it not only broken, but long gone! Thank you mom!

    To my utter amazement, in replacing the battery, it fired right up! The Casio, sadly, no luck there, but, wow, for a watch that has been sitting in storage for decades, like over thirty years, pretty impressive and the old adage of takes a licking and keeps on ticking from old Timex adverts rings true.

    So, wow, an amazing find, and the watch that began this hobby of affection, going back to my distant youth, is still with me now, thanks to my mom's love and care.

    Anyone else have a first love watch that's still around? Would love to hear the story...

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    First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    Beautiful story mate, thanks for sharing! So sorry for your loss.
    I do still have my first ever watch with me from almost 30yrs ago, still ticking, it’s a Casio F-84W. I will add my story later.
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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    My first was also a Timex--my dad bought it for me new (probably about $25) from our local indie drug/tobacco store--to help me be on time for my paper route when I was 12--wore it for a few years until I lost it--it flew off when I was throwing the rolled paper (those were the days) towards the neighbor's front door, and it got lost in the heavy overgrown ivy in their front yard. Nothing special, just a moment in the grand scheme of things.
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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    Really appreciate you sharing your story.

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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    All of the Timex’s and G-shocks I had as a kid growing up we’re thrown out when I went off to college. The oldest watch I still have is this:

    Purchased 18 years ago as a fresh new college grad when I was about to start my first job. I knew nothing about automatics back then and this was my first watch that was not digital or quartz. I have to say in retrospect I made a pretty good choice :). It was my daily wear for the following 5 years, and still keeps good time today.

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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    38 years ago, Think these were the first analog quartz chronographs, Seiko 7a28. Got it new at the PX in Guam around 1980 while Deck Cadet on the American President Lines containership S.S. President Truman. Still have it on original bracelet, still works.

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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    My first watch was an Ingraham "Mickey Mouse" watch, however without this mouse image on the dial, just the name, probably in 1963 or 64. It came on a red leather strap, which eventually broke, and was replaced with a chrome expansion band.

    I still have it packed away somewhere, will post a photo if I can find it.

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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

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    this is the first watch I actually BOUGHT for myself (vs given as a gift).
    Bought it in 1998
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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    I got myself a Fossil in the 90s. I don't know why I still have it, but I do.

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    Re: First Watch From Ages Past? Still With You?

    First watch was a Westclox, might be in some landfill.

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