First watch, looking for a nice skeleton

Thread: First watch, looking for a nice skeleton

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    First watch, looking for a nice skeleton

    Hi all,

    Im looking to get my first decent watch, I really like the skeleton styles. My budget is around £500-£700. I really like the Corum bubble skeleton though obviously this is out of my price range. I noticed the chinese "ebay" maker Tao do a replica of the bubble cheap so thought I might get that for general wear and a nice quality watch for best.

    The only problem I think is my wrist is only about 7" so I think this type of watch might look too big as they are 45mm XL size.

    So I would be interested to hear if anyone on here has small wrists like me but wears watches of this size. A picture would be good to give me an idea of how it would look if possible.

    Would appreciate some recommendations on a quality watch of this type, looking back at other threads a see people have mentioned Steinhart but I cant find any current skeleton watches by them.



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    Re: First watch, looking for a nice skeleton

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