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    Fortis watch problems

    Hi there
    Screw down problems on my new Fortis platin,meant it was returned to Fortis Grenchen for repair,unfortunately here it stayed after being signed for c.chiera with fedex.My watch has not been returned to me and Fortis have refused to answer my letters or emails.Strange that!16000 euro down the pan!Poor watch terrible service!

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    Re: Fortis watch problems

    Hey, maybe you could go for the record on posting the most about your gripe! I don't think you've hit EVERY forum yet.

    Tip: pick up the phone and CALL THEM. Repeatedly posting this here (over a dozen times) will not solve your problem.

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    Re: Fortis watch problems

    With respect, please stop posting about your Fortis problem. We get the message. This problem is really between you and Fortis.

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