A free rolex? Check this out!

Thread: A free rolex? Check this out!

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    Laughing A free rolex? Check this out!

    Interestingly enough I have found a free "faux-lex" watch...made of paper!


    Video: How to Make a Papercraft Rolex Watch « How-To News

    This papercraft was designed by Matthew Nicholson, and it looks quite real, well for something made of paper, and, as far as i am concerned, is the only paper watch you can make. I am in the process of making one until my next order ships, all you need is scissors, hobby knife, and card stock (printer of course).

    I thought it was pretty interesting...

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    Re: A free rolex? Check this out!

    No discussing fake watches here!

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    Re: A free rolex? Check this out!

    I was so excited when I read the title! I was hoping for akimbo Rolexes, but then you crush all of my hopes and killed me.

    Thanks a lot.

    But it is pretty cool :D

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