Is this freedom or is this the end?
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Thread: Is this freedom or is this the end?

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    Is this freedom or is this the end?

    My favourite watch, my prize and joy is my Nomos Club
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    I wear it like 95% of the time or more.
    I love it so much.
    It's not fancy and expensive like some of the watches here but to me it isn't an insignificant amount.

    Recently, I bought an inexpensive Casio Gshock for an upcoming beach vacation.

    This little Casio has been fighting my Nomos for wrist time and is reaching a horrifying 1/3 of my wrist time.
    I can bang it about, I don't worry about dropping it, I can rely on it being accurate without winding it.
    And on my upcoming vacation, I don't have to worry about being robbed in some poorer country.

    I'm enjoying this freedom.

    or is this the end of watches for me?
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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    Sell all your other watches except the Casio. See if you miss them. If not, you reached the end of the rope and you escaped horology. One of the few victims inflicted with the disease who got out via a digital Casio.
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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    RIP chuasam

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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    Loan out the Nomos to me at $10 per month. I will pay shipping both ways.
    When you want it back I will mail it to you. I will take good care of it and let it hang out with my Orions.

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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    Rather than the end, perhaps it's the start of something new all together. For me collecting G-Shocks is like a hobby within the hobby. I love my autos, but I also love the thirty or so G-Shocks I have. Great watches, tough as nails, and they bring back a bit of nostalgia from my childhood. They're also a good way to quell the obsession in between more expensive purchases. Plus, they're just plain fun. And who doesn't like fun?

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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    I think you just like orange.
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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    For me a good 3 hander, coupled with a Gshock is the perfect combo.
    In my case, my most worn watches are my Timefactors Speedbird 3, coupled with my G shock GW5000. Very similar combo in some regards.
    These two take up 90% of my wrist time, and have quelled my compulsion to purchase another watch.

    If you love squares, I do suggest looking into buying a GW5000. They go for under $300 now (compared to $500 a few years ago), and many consider it the ultimate G-shock/ Square G-Shock.

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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    I think it's a perfect combo. G-Shock is always successful.


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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

    It's a temporary phase. Earlier this year, I started to alternate between 2 cheapie Timex digitals.

    Like Knives and Lint said above, it was a bit of nostalgia for when I was much younger and wore a cheap plastic quartz piece 24/7 and it was also a little bit of freedom from being concerned about brands, or the look to match the clothes, or being careful with my watches. You get into this hobby and you have this weird feeling or thinking like you always want or need to wear a nice automatic or manual wind watch. It's kind of refreshing to get out of that thinking for a little bit.
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    Re: Is this freedom or is this the end?

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