G-shocks are ugly
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Thread: G-shocks are ugly

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    G-shocks are ugly

    I don't get it guys.

    I can understand construction workers wearing these but we are "WIS'", we should have some taste right?
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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    They're so ugly, they're beautiful.

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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    What makes you think no one here is a construction worker? Seems like this thread is asking for pics :)

    Name:  atomicfrog.jpg
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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    A WIS without an ALS is not a WIS, missing an ALS in your signature. What's up ?
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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by stuffler,mike View Post
    A WIS without an ALS is not WIS, missing an ALS in your signature. What's up ?

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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by solchitlins View Post
    I don't get it guys.
    You don't have to get it.

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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    if you have to ask you will never know (RHCP).....
    i switch real easy from this (when doing construction work)
    Name:  output_zpsplbbsznr.jpg
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    to this (when on a meeting or in my office)
    Name:  output_zps4gnotg76.jpg
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Size:  61.2 KBName:  output_zpsgx2ccmz5.jpg
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Size:  61.3 KBName:  output_zpsaluhnpjg.jpg
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Views: 3471
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Size:  156.3 KBName:  960282_10202870368946187_873512000_n.jpg
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Size:  74.7 KBName:  output_zpsihmdpavo.jpg
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Size:  51.3 KBName:  unnamed.jpg
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Size:  41.2 KBName:  20140620_073231_zpsbjuc46ux.jpg
Views: 3469
Size:  57.9 KB (and so on and so on, and i did not even put the Rollies here...)

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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    I don't see the point of starting this thread. I don't like G-shocks. I don't wear them, but that is my preference. I don't really like Rolex either. Both have their followers and I hope those watches bring their respective owners pleasure. I can guarantee you that there are more than a few members here that really don't like my giant 70s gold plate Rados. They are generally polite enough to keep that to themselves, not that it would bother me if they did bash them.

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    Re: G-shocks are ugly

    They are tool watches, not jewelry.

    While I would agree some are ugly, I like the looks of my garish black negative LCD Gulfman. It's got a conservative stealthy appearance.
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    Re: G-shocks are ugly


    Name:  GShock280913.jpg
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    stops me damaging these

    Name:  Perigraph100913.jpg
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    Name:  SM110913.jpg
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    Name:  Sub060913.jpg
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    if I'm exercising or doing manual chores.


    Name:  BabyG.jpg
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    would stop my missus scratching this

    Name:  OPSun2.jpg
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    If she remembered to make the change at the appropriate time!

    G-Shocks have an appeal to some and are a great tool for others.
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