As a young man in the 60's, I wore a simple white face Timex quartz watch that I got for Christmas one year. Later in the 70's I remember wearing a gray plastic Pulsar digital watch. Bell bottom pants and earth shoes were "the craze" back then and I was taught how to use a slide rule in school. As the 80's approached, calculators were becoming affordable and common-place. A watch with a built-in calculator was a cool geeky thing to have and I worked with a few friends that owned and wore them. I did not have a calculator/watch but as a geek myself, I had to have gadget watches. Below is a couple of models that I wore back in those days. One that I owned was a Casio digital that could remotely turn on the TV. Yes I know.... Geeky! I also owned a Citizen wind surfer watch during this decade. I was flying on the weekends to earn my private pilots license and I often used the wind surfer's bezel in-flight to set the active runway heading. I loved the chronograph of this watch and used it often. The face of this watch was active and geeky as color bars moved with time.

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Fast forward to today: I am still a bit of a tech geek and like the gadget watches. Even though precise time is not important to me let alone the day of the week (I'm retired), I still get a kick out of the technology. I wear a radio controlled watch that is accurate to the nearest second. Lets see your gadget watch! Regards, Fredrick

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