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Thread: A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?

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    Re: A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?

    Quote Originally Posted by m0rt View Post
    I'd like to defend the op a little. I'm living in Stockholm as well and the watch culture here is either Fashion watches or Luxury watches, mainly Rolex and Omega. There are a few places selling brands as "cheap" as for instance Sinn, but they are hard to find. So, in Stockholm, there's a huge gap. The attitude from watchmakers and WIS's is very negative towards non-Rolex-class brands. :(

    DW and Triwa are the two main hipster fashion watch brands. I couldn't care less.
    This response offers some insight into the context of the OP's question.

    So...watch culture in a country is something of a reflection of the society, so maybe the reason the OP doesn't see as many affordable mechanical choices (the "gap") is due to the attitude prevalent within the OP's country. The question is a reflection of what he sees in his own environment.

    Sometimes these things are self-fulfilling prophecies. For example, perhaps the retail chains decided (whenever) that there was no market demand for non-luxury brand mechanical watches, and so declined to stock them. As a result, the companies which make the watches don't bother advertising in that market, and thus the consumers aren't aware of the brands, consequently they don't ask the retailers to carry them, which in turn reinforces the retailers' perception that no one in that market wants an affordable mechanical.

    If that's the case, and I'm assuming it is, based on the OP's question and Mort's explanation, I do find that interesting from a business perspective, and I do agree it does present an opportunity, maybe. In order to justify the investment needed to raise consumer awareness and create demand, a brand would need to be certain of the return on that investment. Maybe the reason affordable mechanicals haven't been widely introduced to that market is because there really isn't enough of a market to credibly expect a high enough return on the investment needed.
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    Re: A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?

    OP, I'm going to suggest you specifically check out Orient watches (CLASSIC AUTOMATIC | ORIENT WATCH). Orient offer a wide variety of styles.

    They are watches that are made to be affordable and high quality and that's exactly what they are. You won't go wrong choosing any of them. That shouldn't come as a surprise as Orient is owned by Seiko and Orient offers exactly what Seiko did for years and years: excellent, reliable, well made, modestly priced watches.

    You can find in depth reviews of several models here:

    All the best.
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    Re: A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?

    Check out Chinese watches like Shanghai and Sea-Gull (good-stuffs dot com) ships to Sweden. I've bought from them several times with out any problems. Long Island watch has a lot of nice Orient and Seikos. There are also a couple of sellers on Tradera that sells new Seikos and what not.

    As some others already suggested, check out the Orient Bambino.

    It's not easy to get hands on affordable mechanical watches in Sweden. You have to order them from abroad.
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    Re: A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?

    Any interest in the Russian watches from Vostok and others?

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