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    Question GD350 stopwatch question

    Did anybody try to run the stopwatch till the end?

    I bought the GD350-1B and out of interest tried to run it till the end (41.6 days). I recently checked on the stopwatch and it looks like my didn't stop. It is still running and shows again 49 hours and going...
    I don't complain because it means that my watch runs now 1049 hours and several minutes.

    In all my previous watches the stopwatch function stopped at one second from the full range.
    Is this normal for this watch or is my model faulty?

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    Re: GD350 stopwatch question

    I just checked on my G-SHOCK DW5600 (module 3229).
    It is the same. Stopwatch doesn't stop - just runs over into the next 24 hours cycle.

    My NIXON Regulus stops @ 23:59:59. (24 hr)

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