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Thread: Gift From Significant Other

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    Gift From Significant Other

    Almost a year ago I stopped by a shop in person to try on the Seiko Cocktail Time Sarb065. While I greatly enjoyed it, I couldn't bring myself to purchase it at full retail price. I'm all about finding a great deal. I did however find a set of identical ideal diamonds which I had made into earrings.

    My girlfriend appreciated them so much, that by the time my birthday rolled around the corner, I found this:
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    I proceeded to have this be my daily wearer for over 3 months. It still appears to be in mint condition despite my continual use. I was initially afraid that the lack of sapphire would doom my poor watch to scratches, but the domed hardlex is both beautiful and resilient.

    As far as accuracy goes, throughout the day it could be 0-3 seconds off. After 7 days of wear, my particular watch was off by 4 seconds. I generally sleep with my watch on so I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference in facing up or down.

    It took a little over 2 weeks of wear to break in the hard leather strap. I decided to keep the stock strap after the break in period.

    My friend, who was wearing a JLC grande reverso duo at the time, asked to swap watches as he had never seen such a beautiful Seiko before. When he realized the hands had such a curvature in relation to the hardlex so to create the optical illusion of eternal correct hand-dial alignment, it blew his mind. Shortly after he realized it was an automatic watch (display back). He asked me where he could get one, I told him to fly to Japan ;)

    Overall I am very pleased with this gift and intend to wear it well. I would recommend this watch to anyone looking for an into level watch around $500. I see this as being a lasting watch in my collection because it will remain the most interesting dress watch I own- whereas a Tissot Visodate, Hamilton Viewmatic, or even an Omega AT 2500 on straps appear bland by comparison (in my honest opinion).

    I intend on building my collection on the premise of beautiful and stunning. The other watches in my collection prior to this point had been 1. Stolen or 2. Quartz and Heavily Worn Down. I do however still have an unused brown crocodile strap, and my trusty Polar RS100 that has served me well in my extreme sports travelling over the past couple of years. I realize I began to ramble into a state of collection commentary which I should save in entirety for another post now that I have significant additions.
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    Re: Gift From Significant Other

    Beautiful watch. As far as bang for your buck and reliability it is tough to beat a Seiko. Not to mention, they are a forum favorite.

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    Re: Gift From Significant Other

    This watch really sparkles and shows up in photos wonderfully. I recently sold mine to fund a Steinhart Chronograph ~ hope it was worth it.

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    I'm content with my watch collection

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