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    Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    A couple of weeks ago I bought my first watch with a power reserve -- a Longines Evidenza. I really enjoy having this feature -- it is both practical and fun to observe over the course of the day. My desk job really dosen't produce much energy for the watch. The watch, by the way, is great to wear -- I like the style and look a great deal. I am very pleased with this purchase!
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    Re: Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    i agree that a power reserve indicator is practical. even more practical than a chrono, i think. if it's on your watch, you can't help but use it!

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    Re: Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    I have 2 with power reserve.

    Marina Militare with Power Reserve - really comes in handy since my winder is flaky. Sometimes it will not run until I power cycle it. Happens about once a week or so and I know it right away because of the power reserve start to go down on this watch.

    Eberhard 8 days with power reserve. - Manual wind. It is very interesting to see that power reserve going up when I wind it (it takes a while) and to see it go down 1 level a day.
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    Re: Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    I got one on a manual wind ML, it's neat but the downside is it makes me obsessively wind the sucker whenever it gets even a little bit run down. I might be getting a Zenith with a Chrono + PR, though it's not really a must have for autos IMO, just a neat complication.

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    Re: Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    I have only one watch with a power reserve indicator, actuallt, it's the same watch as the OP has, the Longines Evidenza. It's a beautiful watch! Nice choice mate!

    I find I really like to have that indicator, it satisfies my need for control I guess. :)
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    Re: Glad for a Power Reserve Indicator

    Quote Originally Posted by Consigliere View Post
    It's a beautiful watch! Nice choice mate!
    I agree. The Evidenza is most attractive indeed.

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