GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

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    GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar


    I am considering adding one of these fine two watches to my collection. I currently have 3 mechanical watches in my collection.

    Dive watch: Ball Engineer Master II Dive Chronometer (43,8 x 15 mm)
    Chronograph: Sinn 756 Diapal UTC (40,0 x 15 mm)
    Dress watch: Stowa Antea 365 (36,5 x 9,2 mm)

    Two of these are "sports" watches and one is a "dress" watch. I am looking to add somthing that between the two-categories (sport/dress), has an in-house movement and some complications (power reserve, moonphase etc.)that my current collection does not. I would prefer a watch on a bracelet vs. a strap. I was looking for a watch between >39 mm,< 42 mm in diameter, <13 mm max., water resistance was a nice to have but not a must with a street price of <$10k.

    I looked at watches by Blancpain, Choppard, Girard Perregeaux, Glashutte Original, Grand Seiko, IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin and Zenith and have arrived at the GO and JLC models listed as final contenders.

    Glashutte Original Panomatic Lunar (90-02-02-02-24)

    Jaeger Lecoultre Master Calendar (151.81.2A)

    Both are great looking watches that I cannot seem to find ADs near me to touch and feel them so I am operating at a handcap. Given this handicap, I am posting to forums such as this one with the hope to gain some insights based on other's ownership and experiences.

    My impressions of the two watches are:

    Aesthetics: Both are elegant and border on dress, but I can see how they can dress-down as well. The asymmetry of the PML is more unique and visually striking, but the symetrical face of the JLC is harmonious as well.

    Size: The JLC is a slightly larger watch (40,5 x 13 mm) vs the GO PML (39,3 x 11,9 mm). Both sizes are probably acceptable. I have no idea whether they wear large or small? Comments are welcome here as well.

    Quality of Finish: Both appear to be very well finished, but it is my impression that the GO PML is slightly better finish than the JLC MC (could be wrong here, but is based on photos).

    Movement: The JLC Calibre 924 and the GO Calibre 90 are very similarly spec'd in terms of performance (power reserve etc.). The 1000 hour test protocol is well defined by JLC and is a little more vague to me for the GO. I have no idea how the QC/QA compares. The finish on the GO movement also appears to be a notch upward in detail (again based on photos). I am guessing that they are both fine time keepers.

    AD: Both ADs are great guys and solid shops with long respective historys with each company. The JLC AD is 30 minutes from my house and the GO AD is 3 hours from my house. Both also have great reputations on TZ. The close distance is attractive for service etc, but the GO AD is extremely reputable and with Fedex this may not be an issue. Thoughts here are appreciated.

    Company Service Reputation: After extensive trolling of the internet, I have found bad storys for ALL watch companies out there. In general, I have found MANY more bad stories about JLC service and lack of communication than I have found for GO. Then again, they sell more watches. I have found a number of excellent stories about great GO service out there as well. Thoughts on this aspect are appreciated.

    Price: Both watches are comparbly priced so there is no differentiating aspect here.

    I am hoping that here in the public forum, I will get a more balance perspective on these watches.

    Sorry for the long note, I did not have the time to write a short one!

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    With these two watches to choose from, you have entered the highest level of watch manufacture!
    I can not speak about the Go, but the JLC overall quality, finishing, movement finishing etc are top notch. Only surpassed slightly bu PP.
    In this level of watches (both of them) I think only the visual/aesthetics is different.
    The only negative visual aspect of the GO is the overly large and indiscreet DATE.
    Bad JLC service? I have not experienced that myself.

    I would choose the JLC, but I am biased.
    (It does have more complications, which I like)
    I would choose a nice Croc strap, IMO a bracelet that is this highly polished is a scratch magnet. And be prepared, every tiny scratch will show!

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    As much as I like GO, JLC.

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    as much as i love JLC to death, out of those two id "go" with GO.

    pun intended

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    Ooh, 2 nice pieces there. I'm actually quite partial to the dial layout, big date and hands on the GO. Just not too crazy about the bracelet.

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    My vote is for the GO with the leather band, the design is so original.

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    In this case GO.

    I love it
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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    The GO speaks to me a bit more visually, but I like the additional complications on the JLC. Both are striking.
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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    I like the features of the JLC but I agree with scm64, the GO has a certain look to it. So I'd chose the GO

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    Re: GO Panomatic Lunar or JLC Master Calendar

    Quote Originally Posted by iim7v7im7 View Post
    Sorry for the long note, I did not have the time to write a short one!
    That's one of the great writers' quotes of all-time.

    Now on to the watches... I prefer the GO to the JLC. I like the simpler design, panoramic date, moonphase, etcetera. Though undoubtedly a fine watch, the JLC dial is a little too busy for my tastes. I prefer both watches on leather straps, but if you life the stainless bracelet, I think the GO bracelet is a step above the JLC bracelet.

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