Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice
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Thread: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

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    Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    Do you think going with the quartz version of a watch a value conscience way of getting a good quality watch for a bargain price, or is the loss of the mechanical movement too big of a down side. I know I've heard many people say it's the finish and design that draws them to a watch not the movement and others who say they would never buy quartz.

    A quick example would be a Hamilton Khaki in quartz at $200 cheaper than an identical automatic version. Do you take a hit and get the auto or save some money and get the exact same watch powered by a quartz.

    Maybe a better example would be a quartz Datejust. The mechanical version is out of your reach financially, but you you could do a Oysterquartz model and come in on budget. This is a bad example for several reasons, but you understand what I'm getting at. No Rolex or a quartz Rolex... which is it?

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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    If you're subjectively viewing quartz as a downside, then I'd say no Rolex. It'd be better to have your money available for something else (another watch or just anything in life) you really want.

    But the perception that quartz is inferior is purely subjective. I prefer mechanical watches myself, but I recognize that it's essentially an aesthetic preference, not altogether different from preferring yellow curry to red curry.

    If I did want to buy a quartz, however, I wouldn't want to be looking at an "alternative" version of a preexisting mechanical watch. I'd pick a watch that was built from the bottom up to be quartz, like any of Grand Seiko's 9F watches, or more affordably, tons of Citizens, Seikos, Bulovas and so on.

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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    I like quartz so for me it's nice to get the same model at a reduced price and lower maintenance costs than a mechanical but I'm an outlier in watch collecting, most collectors prefer mechanical movements. The way I look at it a Hamilton watch or something less than an Omega/Rolex is not a collectors watch so why worry about quartz vs auto just buy what you like and enjoy. If you like automatics but not the price look at used watches, plenty of bargains out there.
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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    repeat after me: there is nothing wrong with quartz watches
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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    It depends on the price of the watch, it's intended use and to a lesser extent the emotional appeal of the watch.

    Price: If we are in the range of ALS then mechanical all the way (they don't even make quartz so that answers that). Additionally, I consider the total cost of ownership including future servicing or repairs if necessary.

    Emotions (+price): a Grand Seiko is a dream of mine. I am willing to buy a quartz model even though the mechanical models appeal to me much more after handling a few of them. Here is prime example of where use (dress piece) and total cost of ownership weigh heavily on my decision. I am leaning towards a quartz model.

    Use: For everyday dress piece or frequent dress piece, I'd go with a quartz. For less frequent dress piece or even everyday use, the grab and go convenience of quartz cannot be beaten in my book (except when considering a Seiko

    In a nutshell, quartz can be a good value and I would not shy away from a quartz equivalent. They have a place in my watch wearing habit and collection.
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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    Although I prefer mechanicals I’ve never found myself in a position where a watch I wanted was available in both quartz and mechanical so the question has never arisen. I suspect I would go mechanical though.
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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    If going quartz, I'd either go for the satisfaction of HAQ timekeeping or go for a racing chrono. I think the accuracy and ruggedness of quartz is particularly suited for sports chronos. Even better would be an HAQ chrono.

    For a 3 hand Rolex, I'd go mechanical, not quartz because precision auto mechanical movements are a big part of the Rolex identity, or mystique if you like to call it that.
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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    My decision making process is slightly different. I have a $500 cap I am willing to pay on a quartz watch. That is because I place a premium on the workmanship, level of design, and sense of awe for this little beating mechanical timepiece on my wrist. I don’t have the same relationship with a quartz piece- to me it is purely functional- it’s precise circuitry and silent electronic life force untethered from those mechanical imperfections make it harder for me to associate with.
    The name, case, the dial, the finish, the bracelet, yes, they mean something secondary - to me at least, the movement places the relationship, and hence my spending guidelines.

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    Re: Is going quartz a good value or too much of a sacrifice

    I have no problem with quartz ... up to a certain price. I also understand that no matter what the price, quartz is more appropriate for others.

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    I think I'll join the consensus and say that it depends on the model. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a quartz movement. If you argue about battery changes, it should be noted that mechanical movements require servicing as well.

    I do like the sweeping motion of an auto, but it can be argued that high frequency quartz can also pull that off too.

    To comment on one of the examples given, if the difference is a couple hundred dollars as in the Hamilton, then I'm going for the automatic. If we're thousands of dollars (Rolex), then I may get the quartz.
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