Gold PO2500c Omega review
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Thread: Gold PO2500c Omega review

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    Gold PO2500c Omega review

    Hello guys, I been having the Omega Planet Ocean 2500c for about 1 week now, this is a short Review.

    Always been a Rolex kind of guy, so when I traded for the Omega using a GMTc II as part of trade there was a "what the hell are you doing" kind of moment, but I still did it.

    When I received the Omega, initially I was dissapointed, my Eyes was used to the Rolexes and so the Omega was something else, I quickly flipped the Omega for a Submariner TT.

    But as the Days Went by, I started to looking at the Pictures I took when I had the Omega, start Reading more about the Omega Planet Ocean 2500 and the Co-Axial movement and its history I realize something, the Omega 2500c is something I must have, so flipped flopp I traded back the Omega.

    1. The looks:
    As brand I will Always choose Rolex over Omega, if its between any other Planet Ocean 2500 and the Submariner or the GMTc II I will also go with the Submariner or the GMTc II.
    But the Gold PO2500, there is just something about it :) I Always love the look of gold, red, rose or yellow gold on rubber/leather strap, I mean look at the Pictures.
    Some people hate the helium valve screwdown just like they dislike the date bubble on Rolexes, I love the bubble date and I also love the helium vale. It give the Watch character and IMO make it looks cool.
    The bezel is not as good as the Sub but what I like about it is the better minutes/triangle lineup over the Sub.
    I Think case also look better on the PO over the Sub as the twisted form near the lugs really make it look cool.

    2. The dial:
    Because of the double AR coating on both side of the sapphire glas most of the time I dont see the crystal at all, as if the dial is visible without a glas in between. Because of the AR there is a blue tint when looking at certain light, I like the raised Omega logo on the dial and the open 9 and 6 give it more character. Its not a busy dial and Reading the time is very easy. I would like it to have some color but ohh well :)

    3. Deployant and band:
    When I take off the Watch I can really feel the gold weight which is Heavy! but I can barely feel anything when its on my wrist :) originally coming with a leather strap but its on a rubber band now which is something I love since I like rubber more than leather ;) I had the hirsh deployant Before on some Hirsch band, while it was good the Comfort was not 100%. The Omega deployant however is super comfortable along with its OEM rubber strap.

    4. Movement:
    Not trying to make a war here but the Co-Axial really works and so far the 2500c movement have been better than all the 31xx movement I had in term of accuracy. I dont know if I been unlucky or something, but regulated or not, brand new or used all of the Rolexes I had have been a few seconds too fast or too slow per 24 hours. The Omega however have been -0.5 after 5 Days! it would not surprise me if I Wake up tommorrow and its spot on again after being off my wrist since that is what I been experience the last few Days, it somehow reset itself after a good night "sleep" :D

    Summary: I will one day come back to Rolex since it was my first love, but if I stick with this Omega for a long time it would not surprise me at all, it has almost Everything I want. I Think this is the second best Omega PO2500 out there, the best would be the one Michael Phelps is wearing, with all gold links and all. But given the choice I would still go with rubber strap since all gold is too much for my taste.

    Im sure I missed out alot of things to do in a Review but mehhhh

    Thanks for Reading
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    Re: Gold PO2500c Omega review

    That black and gold looks great, and the 2500 PO is the best version for it IMO.

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    Re: Gold PO2500c Omega review

    I don't normally like gold watches, but something about this particular black and gold combo is really nice. It may be the brush vs polish ratio of the PO or it may be because the head is balanced out by the black rubber strap. Either way, I like it. Wouldn’t wear one, but I like it.
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