Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

Thread: Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

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    Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

    Hey all. There was a thread a few months ago, where people were posting their flipped watches, that they regretted selling. I cant find it, but I dont think there will be a problem making a new one.

    I was browsing thru some old pics, while just killing time waiting for my new arrival ( I currently dont have ANY watches, starting to go crazy) and came across these, which I no longer own. The watch Im getting is worth more than my whole old collection combined, so I guess I have moved up since then. Enough yapping, pic time.

    I sold these to finance other watches mainly, but wish I had kept a few of these...

    One I regret the most was the 856. It was so rugged, beautifully made yet didnt go with most of my clothes, which are dressy. So it stood out. I still want one for weekend wear.

    Lets see whats gone from your collection. Post em up!

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

    A few of them, from cheapos to the Pam 111h, which I miss dearly. Some of these photos I borrowed from the net.


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    Re: Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)

    i really regret flipping these....especially the Deep Blue, and Titan Oris, and the Orsa Monstrum......wish i had the money to buy them back!

    sorry lots of pics pf the Deep Blue, its the one i miss the most.....

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