Good Experiences with Black Coating
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Thread: Good Experiences with Black Coating

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    Good Experiences with Black Coating

    When I bought my Tag Heuer Carrera half a year ago, I was afraid the titanium clasp with black pvd coating would scratch easily. But the opposite is the case: Compared to other watches I've worn a comparable number of days (since I keep a precise statistic, I know that exactly) it shows far fewer signs of wear - none I can see, in fact. I don't baby any of my watches, so they all get subjected to the same daily wear and activities.

    Here are comparison pictures of the Tag titanium in black with an Alpina stainless steel bracelet and Steinhart titanium after equal wear time.

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    I have another black titanium clasp on a Porsche Design chrono, but this one was only worn for half as long as the others. Some tiny scratches are visible, but all in all it looks pretty good, too.

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    Do you have similar good experiences with black PVD / DLC? At least in to my experience, it actually works agains scratches, when done well.

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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    To be fair my PVD watches don’t really get all that much wear but my DLC watch has had more hammer than all my PVD watches put together and it’s standing up very well indeed.

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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    DLC wold be my choice.

    At least with stainless, you can correct the scratches yourself.
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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    Not to be pedantic, here, only to clarify - PVD is a process (physical vapor disposition), and DLC (diamond like carbon) is one of the specific materials applied using that process. Generally, or all other things being equal, DLC will hold up better than basic ion plating, but not all DLC coatings are equal.

    With all PVD platings, including DLC, manufacturers can determine the thickness of the application. Thicker coatings are going to wear better over time.

    The thickness could be measured in microns, but for ease of understanding, most plating vendors will quantify the application thickness in hours of constant abrading, often in increments of 24 hours, starting with 24 and going up to 72.

    With something higher priced, like a TAG, one would hope that they'd use the thickest application.

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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    For me cerakote has been great with no scratch issues.

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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    I'd expect a blacked-out watch to show wear over time, and to my eyes, it looks even cooler as the edges start to show bare steel underneath. Look at any old military hardware or firearms and they show the scars of decades of use.

    I say to embrace the scratches and not get upset by them.
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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    These days PVD/DLC offer superb protection to watches and bracelets. Interestingly I just wrote up a story on the very first watch to use PVD. A watch designed by Ferdinand Porsche - the father of the 911.


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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    For me i would go for DLC since stainless scratch can easily be corrected

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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    In my personal experience over the years... the best are Citizen DLC with Duratec , Breitling Black Ti and Steel both are excellent, Seiko's DiaShield not that good and B&R is not that good either
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    Re: Good Experiences with Black Coating

    Btw, the clasp on Steinhart titanium bracelets are not made of Ti. They are stainless with a soft finish.

    Not sure what process they use, brushing or blasting maybe? Whatever it is, it scratches easier than anything else I have ever had on a watch. The good news is that I can take a scotchbrite pad to it and smooth it out.

    As far a black coatings like DLC go, I find them to be very durable. I have several watches and/or bracelets in black and they show wear less than my non coated stuff. It takes a lot to scratch the black enough to notice it.

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