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    Good watch for someone on a budget

    Hi, before I start typing any more I would just like to tell you that I know very little about watches, thanks if you have not stopped reading already. I am looking for a new watch to wear and thought thought this would be a good place to get ideas. Below are some requirements that the watch should have. Thanks.

    1. Must accept a NATO watch strap. I live in a very hot area of the US so I thought a NATO band would be good.

    2. 35$ or less. I know this is not much money to work with but I am young and do not have a lot of money.

    3. Should not look bad. I'm not expecting a Rolex but should look good with a NATO band. (I like the look of old military watches.)

    4. Should be durable. I know that this might suffer with the 35$ price limit.

    5. ANALOG not trying to offend anyone here, but I hate the look of digital.

    6. Not a requirement but just so you know I like the look of a sports watch on a NATO band.

    Thanks to all who reply,

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    timex weekender

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    With a $35.00 limit, your requirements would be tough to meet; but not impossible. I am thinking something from Timex or Casio might fit the bill.

    You could also keep your eye out on the sales corner of this forum, there are many deals to be had if you are patient enough.

    I was able to pick up this beat up SKX173 for $35.00 a few years ago. The bezel insert was scratched up, and the hardlex has seen better days. Have since replaced the bezel and added the oyster bracelet, but it makes for an awesome beater. Keeps great time too!

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    Pick up a Darch/Daich (I've seen it go by both names) watch, via eBay. Probably run you $1.99 + $9.95 shipping. Put it on an $8 NATO strap. Problem solved.

    No, it's not a prestige watch brand admired for its precision craftsmanship and horological significance, but it'll look okay and work just fine. In your price range, that qualifies it for the win.

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    $35 is a very, very tight budget to work with. I think your only real option here is a Timex Weekender. Anything else for $35 is going to be a crap shoot in terms of quality, at least with a Timex you know that it probably isn't going to stop working in a few months time. If you don't want to go for the Timex then you'd probably have to up your budget to say $80, that will open up a lot of new options and you might get a bargain on a shark sale / deal a day style site.
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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    Hands down, a Komandirskie for $43.00 (at Meranom). In-house movement, screw-in crown, super-solid case, unique gasket case back and very accurate. This one runs +4 during the day, then -4 at night crown up, day after day.

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    +1 Timex

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    Re: Good watch for someone on a budget

    Agreed that Timex Weekender is far and away your best bet on a $35 budget.

    If you're willing to stretch a bit, I'd go to meranom or chistopolcity and buy a Vostok Amphibia with the scuba dude dial. More expensive than the Komandirskie recommended above (good rec, by the way), but should be incredibly durable and keeps good time. They look fantastic on NATO straps.
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