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    Got the basics, what now?

    I'm a 2nd year Biology student, began my watch collection this year and now have what most consider to be the 'essential' categories covered. Most of them would probably be considered 'fashion' watches. I am now wondering what The next logical step is to add some depth and style to my collection, and WuS has been a great source of inspiration to me in the past.

    Those being;
    A smart / Formal watch (Police Sway Automatic)
    Name:  police-sway-automatic-pl11453ms-02_152007.jpg
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    A more casual "all rounder" Skagen 806xltbxb
    Name:  806XLTBXB.jpg
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    A Beater (Fossil ME1019)
    Name:  me1019.jpg
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    And a tool watch (Seiko Orange Monster)
    Name:  orange_monster_seiko.jpg
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    What style of watch do you think I should be looking at next? My grail is a black rolex sub but that will have to wait until after my graduation at least. I was thinking a Rotary Aquaspeed or Seiko skx007 on a Bond NATO strap would be a cool compromise?

    Would love some input from you guys on where I can improve, and sorry for having so many fashion brands like Fossil which I know are not really what most people here consider 'real' watches :)

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    Like you say - SKX 007 on a NATO.
    You can't go wrong with that watch. It's got a very "cult" status around here...

    Quote Originally Posted by Otacon View Post
    Sorry for having so many fashion brands like Fossil which I know are not really what most people here consider 'real' watches :)
    Don't be a snob. It's bad for you.

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    Not trying to be a (rhymes with Rick), but you still don't have a "smart/formal" watch.
    Look at a Stowa Antea for inspiration there.
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tragic View Post
    Not trying to be a (rhymes with Rick), but you still don't have a "smart/formal" watch.
    Look at a Stowa Antea for inspiration there.
    Tragic's right. The Police is nice, but it's not a formal watch. If you need a watch for for dressy formal occasions, you still have shopping to do. Seiko and Orient make some very nice affordable dress watches (under $200).

    Enjoy our hobby. I like your watches.
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    And a few other fun watches ...

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    Everybody's collection is different there is no cheap or silly collection. Everybody's tastes and budget are different but what we do have in common is our interest.
    That being said, I'd say add a SKX007 to the group.
    As well, I have to agree with the above, if you want a smart dressy watch have a look at Stowa, Hamilton and Tissot for some ideas and heck, you may even find one that fits the bill.

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    If you wear a tie at all, a nice dress watch would do the trick.

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    I agree about getting a Seiko SKX 007/009. But I'd get it modded if I were you: gives it that special aura of uniqueness that is all your own. Never mind that a few dozen other guys had it done the same. In a world where there are thousands upon thousands of this model, a few dozen is unique. Besides, it gets you more involved with not just collecting, but also shaping, your watches. Literally.

    And, yes, do get a dress watch : You'll need one sooner or later.
    Oceans of them to choose from -- even under $400.

    PS: NEVER apologize about your collection to ANY man. :)

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    Nothing wrong with any of your watches. A Seiko SKX007 and/ or a Hamilton Jazzmaster would add to your collection in a good way.

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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    The issue I have with Dress watches is that, essentially you pay a premium for a watch that is by definition designed to look quite simple.

    That said, would a black Seiko 5 be considered appropriate as a dress watch?
    Name:  51D3PnmZmIL._SX300_.jpg
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    Re: Got the basics, what now?

    You say your a student and on a budget so may i suggest you jump over to the Chinese mechanical site " and have a look !
    the Chinese build some awesome watches and at a very affordable price, I have picked up some great stuff from China and cant beleive the Quality
    also have a look at this here you'll find some great watches .

    Here is my business dress watch ( cost 100 yuan )Name:  IMG0805130400.jpg
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    this is my weekend dress watch ( cost 130 yuanName:  IMG0805125200.jpg
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Size:  1.05 MBName:  IMG0805125601.jpg
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    this one gets a lot of comments !

    I also have a Chinese sub homage from Tianjin watch company that is my favorite but i cant show it here because it breaks the copyright laws !of the rolex company so PM me and i can E-mail you some photos and specs ! or check out Alberta Times collection as he has one also .

    Happy hunting !

    PS- here is the link to Alberta times sub homage watch
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