This is a great idea!

Thread: This is a great idea!

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    This is a great idea!

    Wow! We could do this ourselves...maybe smaller groups...less formally organized...probably skip the celebrity them, I dunno...."Get-To-Geth-ers."

    The Commonwealth Crew Horology Club In Chicago | aBlogtoWatch

    EDIT: insert ironic "wink" emoticon here: Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
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    Re: This is a great idea!

    What would the rest of the planet do if it weren't for them big city folk kinder leadin' us hayseeds along since we don't know nuthin?
    I know nothing except the fact of my own ignorance. Socrates

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    Re: This is a great idea!

    Ostensibly, I was a special guest at the Commonwealth Crew event on July 15th (for the record, I had already planned to attend prior to the invite). I went in the capacity of an aBlogtoWatch editor, and I spoke briefly on what it is like to be in that position
    Sounds unmissable

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