Greatest Flipping Regrets
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Thread: Greatest Flipping Regrets

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    Greatest Flipping Regrets

    Let's stir up some painful memories! Post the watches you've flipped which in hindsight you wish you hadn't. In order:

    1) Grand Seiko SBGJ021
    2) Dodane Type 21 Flyback
    3) Sinn 856 UTC
    4) Orange Monster

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    I’ve never regretted selling a watch nearly as much as missing the opportunity to buy one.
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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    Haven't flipped one yet but I am definitely having a hard time thinking about selling any one of my watches. I am eyeing a few additional pieces though haha
    IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic 390404
    Rolex GMT Master II 116710BLNR
    Seiko Topper Ninja

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    GMT Master, two-tone. Still a bit blingy for my personal taste but a helluva watch!
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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    The only flipping regret I have had is the money I lost! Hah.

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    Yup, I have regrets:

    1) Rolex Air King 5500/0
    2) Damasko DC66
    3) Tudor Prince Chronograph 79260 H
    4) Robert Lighton San Remo

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    Orient Millennium. Great looking affordable (now discontinued!) that I should have kept.
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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    I'll never have a watch that I regret flipping, I never sell.

    However I do regret a little bit on not buying the Explorer 1016 when the prices were still reasonable.

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    I can see how you regret selling those four beauts but it has never happened to me. Mainly because I’m a chronic hoarder and have never yet flipped a watch.

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    Re: Greatest Flipping Regrets

    Nothing really, I usually flip watches i don't wear that often and hence I don't think about them much once gone. That said I do miss my Baume Riviera chronograph that I sold years ago, it was such a unique watch and I wish I had kept it.

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