Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?
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Thread: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

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    Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    With regards to some YouTube reviewers discussing/talking/reviewing watches.
    When it comes to the movement they say "it's a in-house", "it's a calibre xyz", "it's robust", "it's a real workhorse", it's got 50million jewels!"

    Do they actually know what they are talking about?

    So what's it all mean? I'm no expert on watches, neither do I really go about reading up on the specs of the movements in the watches.
    I do know the movements "calibres/names/codes" of the commonly used in Seikos and Rolexes. How can you not, they are mentioned all the time in the reviews.

    So let's be real, what do they know?
    I for one assume the more expensive the watch, "better" the movement should be in the watch. But how is it better?
    Something which has been used for over 10 years in a product line should be pretty good. "Robust"
    Something having more jewels/ more components making up the movement is better!, Maybe not. More expensive maybe.
    Something highly decorated with geneve stripes and guilloche. The cliches go on.

    You hear, "this watch has a newly designed movement", "time will tell if it's going to be a mainstay".
    I'm sure modern watches are designed perfectly and thoroughly tested. If anything; they release revisions.

    I find that the tone of these reviewers liken to gear heads talking about engines. However, where gear heads know their subject, watch reviewers just know terms "highly decorated" "rich history" "hand built".

    Can they educate me with reasons why one movement is better than a competitors?

    So am I being too harsh? Or am I just over thinking the subject? Because there's actually nothing to say about a movement?
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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    I'll probably get some shade thrown at me here, but those you tube reviews are bad, really bad. There's way too much extra talking and cloud the purpose of a review.
    I much like to get my reviews in print, digitally or from a watch publication. The words get to the point and have some insight to the design and manufacturer.....
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    Not necessarily because a watch is more expensive it has a better movement that others that’s an assumption that’s not the case in my watches
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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    YouTube reviews are just conversation from someone who felt like making the effort. I appreciate their effort, but can only think of one or two with enough history in the business to speak intelligently about movements.

    Most are simply repeating the WIS consensus or other YouTube stuff.

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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    YouTube reviews are a waste of time. They are just opinions worth no more than yours or mine.

    Any factual information can be found on manufacturers sites, published reviews or forums like this for the price of asking.

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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    There are tons of car reviews out there as well that get a LOT of views with little to no technical information on the mechanical aspects. Its a way to bring a broader appeal and not bore casual viewers with technical jargon and discussion. Partly what you said in that they may not necessarily have a clue as to whats going on.

    Its an opinion and an impression, its just good to see the watch in normal lighting conditions in all angles and get a better perspective on how it will wear, I dont think you should be going to youtube to get detailed info on a watch anyway.
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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    As with reviews on blogs, forums and in magazines you have to consider the authors of those tube reviews before accepting them. There is a lot of nonsense purporting to be factual information that you have to learn to ignore.
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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    Normal people make love listening to Barry White.

    WIS make love listening to Tim Mosso describe an ALS handwound.

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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    Here’s my #1 compliant about YouTube reviews - when they don’t show a chronograph running. Drives me nuts.
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    Re: Gripe/rant about youtube reviews? Am I right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alysandir View Post
    Normal people make love listening to Barry White.

    WIS make love listening to Tim Mosso describe an ALS handwound.

    Two visuals I can not get out of my head. Thanks. lol
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