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    Hamilton Dive Watch Help!

    Hi everyone,
    I've recently acquired and beautiful Hamilton dive watch and I can not find any information on it. I'm completely baffled and need your help.
    The numbers on the back are 762003-3, I have yet to check the inside for numbers because I do not have a case opener. It's about the same size as my new TAG Heuer F1 and seems to be made just as well. My pictures do not do this watch justice. It really is VERY clean. The band appears to be original and the stainless steel clasp says Made in Italy.
    Here are some pictures for you to check out.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hamilton Dive Watch Help!

    I was in the same situation with my khaki chrono diver, and I wrote here


    they told me that the watch was un catalogued, it's not a problem, don't worry, warranty works

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    Re: Hamilton Dive Watch Help!

    I have one of the same watches, I bought mine in June of 1983 at the Base Exchange at McClellan AFB, Sacramento. I don't recall how much I paid, but it still runs fine, has a stainless steel band. Yours is the only other one I've seen, and I've looked a bit on the internet. Any idea what they are worth?

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