Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

Thread: Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

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    Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

    For the under $400/500 price range (including used if you have a suggestion) which would you get? Something else? One of these two? (I like the styles of both). My favorite (semi-affordable) watch for now is an Omega Speedmaster Pro, but it's out of my pricerange.

    Thanks all, and sorry for yet another what would you pick post.

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    Re: Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

    Tissot ALL THE WAY!!!!!! Just keep in mind, Tissot has major QC problems, especially concerning their movements. They'll fix it right and get it proper, but your chance of getting a quality piece out of the box is about as good as your chance of getting a crap piece out of the box too. Tissot use to be pretty decent, but SWATCH ruins everything!

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    Re: Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

    No no no..Hamilton is the 1. Hamilton all the way! Seriously. ;)

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    Re: Hamilton Scuba King v. Tissot Prc200 (or...?)

    I have had and still have both Tissots and Hamiltons and I have yet to have any problems with movements or really anything. I guess its kinda the luck of the draw. I would highly recomend either of the brands to anyone. as far as which one should you go with is really up to you and what youre looking for in terms of style. I currently own a PRC200 black face chrono and I love it, however the only downfall with this watch is that they dont offer it in an automatic. With a price range of $500 you can also look into a Tissot Le Locle in an automatic, this is more of a dressy watch but I wear them with jeans as well. Or even check out the PRS 516 auto, I get more compliments on this watch then any that I own. On the other hand that Scuba King is a great looking watch, wow! The good news here is that you cant go wrong with either of these brands, they both make sweet watches. Good luck in your search and heres a couple pics of my prc200, prs516 and my Le Locles'

    PRC 200 on black leather strap. (came on stainless steel and I got the strap aftermarket)

    PRS 516 automatic movement on a brown Tissot rally style leather strap.

    Le Locle silver face roman numeral on black Tissot leather strap and my black face roman numeral on stainless steel bracelet.

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