Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

Thread: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

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    Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    Hey everyone

    You will have to forgive the lack of technical terminology but here goes..

    I have owned a limited edition rotary for about four years which has a more sweeping movement (on the second hand) - lately I've been looking at a few watches in the 200-300 GBP range with more of a ticking movement and I cant help but notice the second hand doesn't quite line up with the marker (around the edge) i.e the second hand falls between seconds into the marker.

    In particular I was looking at the Tissot PRC 200, even on the sales image the hand is off! I questioned it at the shop and they said it must have been faulty, but the others in stock were the same.

    Example: http://www.time2.co.uk/shop/media/ca...17152652-1.jpg

    Is this just me? is this a sign of a bad watch? are all watches in this price range like this?..It definitely put me off making a purchase.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    No worries. Actually quite common among quartz powered watches. The PRC 200 should be a great time piece for ya.
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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    If it bothers you, avoid the problem by getting a mechanical watch which will have smooth sweep of seconds hand

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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    It's normal for quartz watches to do that, and it's normal that you're not happy about it. This is a frustration for many owners of quartz watches, even of the more expensive watches that really shouldn't have this problem.

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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    I have some expensive quartz movement watches, where the second had falls precisely on the minute markers. I have some not so expensive quartz movements that look like the Tissot picture (some more off), but they all keep great time. It's likely nothing more than a very (very) slight mis-alignment of the face markers and would not really be a casue for concern. If however, it will be for you, test the watch you purchase and make sure things line up to your expectations........
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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    Unfortunately, is is common among quartz watches.
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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    Hi. It is fairly common to have a minor misalignment of the seconds hand on quartz as well as mechanical watches.

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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    I had that issue on a $1200 Omega.

    The only way it's completely avoided across all watches of a specific model is if it's an atomic that self-adjusts - like, Citizen Eco-Drives or the like. Those (and some others like it) have motors that auto-center the seconds on the pips.
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    Re: Hands fall between the stops, is it me!?

    If you're buying it from an AD, you can always take a close look at the watch to see if it hits the markers. If you're buying it online, it's a bit of a gamble. My TAG Chronotimer is off by ~5%, doesn't bother me too much.
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