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    Video Hands on: TRIWA Walter Hvalen

    When I saw the above picture my curiosity to see the watch in the flesh got to the point to ask TRIWA to send me a sample to review. Well, they were so kind to send me one.

    The first impression after the watch was delivered and I unpacked it from the box it came in, was good. The brushed gun plated stainless steel (what triggered me in the first place) and the grey sunday dial simply look great! The blue painted parts of the hands and the also blue printing "HVALEN" are an extremely nice contrast to the case and dial. It's that little extra that makes the difference in my humble opinion.

    But first things first. Let's go back to the unpacking. Here's what you get: a nice grey carbon box with the booklet and warranty inside the lid. Nothing fancy, but the packaging is well designed and thought off. I always like it when a brand makes the difference by adding what the watch or the brand stands for. As you can see, the outer carbon has the following text printing on it: "Designed in Stockholm for friends and people with great taste". I will mention it again in the video further on in this hands on.

    The watch is running on the quartz Miyota GM10 and features a screw down crown and screw down solid case back.

    Water resistance is 10 atm, but I wouldn't consider the watch to be a serious dive watch. The unirotating bezel is well designed and operating it is a true pleasure, but it doesn't hold any luminous material. Besides, the organic sewn leather strap (width is 20mm) wouldn't hold long (?) when going under water much.

    Above picture shows the unscrewed crown which has the TRIWA logo on it:

    So let's see how this 40mm watch looks on my wrist (I normally wear 42 and 42+ mm watches) and see what the sunray dial does when catching the light from different angles:

    I like it

    Let's see some more shots and then have a look at the video:

    I thought to compare the watch with one that is a bit bigger. Can you guess the brand?

    Here you go :


    Pros: very nice design, beautiful gun plated case and matching dial, screw-down crown, 10 atm water resistance, its light weight, smooth strap, great packaging, good price (EUR 199.00), world wide shipping.
    Cons: 40 mm (for me at least a bit too small), its light weight, no luminous dot on the rotating bezel, leather strap seems no good for swimming, non-branded buckle.

    To BUY or not to BUY?

    If you are looking for a nice 40 mm watch that you can wear with a suit and for leisure, then this TRIWA Walter Hvalen is worth your consideration. And if you are looking for a slightly different model, then do check the TRIWA - Watches & Sunglasses from Sweden website, because I cannot imagine that there is not another model you like better or best.

    And last but not least, have a look at the video:

    More information at TRIWA - Watches & Sunglasses from Sweden
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    Re: Hands on: TRIWA Walter Hvalen

    That SevenFriday looks great Ernie ;)


    The Triwa is also a good looking watch, especially in that price range. But I must agree with you that 40mm is a little too small for me. I prefer 42mm and bigger. I have a 39mm Tissot PRC200, a great watch that I rarely wear because I find it looks too small on my wrist.

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    Re: Hands on: TRIWA Walter Hvalen

    Very interesting.
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    Re: Hands on: TRIWA Walter Hvalen

    It actually looks good!
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    Re: Hands on: TRIWA Walter Hvalen

    Seems like a nicely designed quartz diver. Looks a bit fashion forward but at least you can swim with it (on a different strap) and it's not just a complete Submariner copy.

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