Happy holidays-- collection advice please!
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Thread: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

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    Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    I have a conundrum at the moment with my collection and looking for some advice. I’m only interested in a 3 watch collection, so my current state is:

    - Omega Speedmaster Automatic (ref 3513.50)
    - Rolex Milgauss Z-Blue (ref 116400GV)
    - Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon (ref Q1368420)

    My original thinking was having one "everyday" watch (Omega), one "nice" sports watch (Milgauss), and one "nice" dressy-formal watch (JLC). Now I'm looking to get rid of the JLC MUT Moon because it's slightly dressy for my rotation and I don't like having things I don't use, and I feel it is a little big on my wrists, which are 6.5". I want something more versatile than a moonphase. I have 3 options right now:

    1. Sell it and use the funds to get a Rolex Explorer 114270 in excellent condition with box and papers (case and bracelet ok, but very small chip on edge of crystal, easily replaceable)-- $0 additional required from me
    2. Trade it in for a Rolex Explorer 114270 in minty condition with box and papers-- $500 additional required from me
    3. Sell it and use the funds to get a JLC Geophysic True Seconds in minty condition with box and papers-- $850 additional required from me

    I'm on the fence about having another dressy watch, but the Geophysic is more casual and would be better suited for everyday in my eyes than the MUT Moon and I love the dead seconds complication. The Explorer I like for the size and it wouldn't hurt to have another Rolex sport model. It's hard to decide because the value proposition of the Rolex is stronger than the JLC in my opinion and I feel like the older 36mm models are getting rarer by the day, but at the same time I do want a white dial watch too, which the JLC would do beautifully. I do have the monetary value of the MUT Moon in this already, which I bought preowned, so trying to weigh all of this together.

    What would you do?
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    Tough one!

    Sounds as though you really want to hang on to the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Milgauss.

    I do admire your diligence to stick with a 3-Watch collection.

    I still think that a Dress Watch would be good to have in your collection.

    What about selling all 3 Watches, buying a new Omega Railmaster (I own the new 60th Anniversary LE model and absolutely love it but its lack of Water Resistance might be an issue for you so perhaps look at the non-LE model), Rolex Submariner 114060, and MontBlanc Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim?

    Perhaps a little over-the-top, but my thinking is:

    Omega Railmaster - non-LE model - 150m Water Resistance and 15,000 gauss anti-magnetic - versatile Watch and can cover the Go Anywhere Do Anything part and cover the loss of the Milgauss

    Rolex Submariner - every collection needs a good Dive Watch - this is amongst the best

    MontBlanc Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim - you donít wear dressy Watches enough but this Watch can be had brand new for little over USD$2,000.00 in Stainless Steel - very nice manual wind (Perseux movement), thin, dressy Watch

    I think that you would have all bases covered.
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    That would be tough for me if I had those 3 as i would not part with any of them that being said my Explorer is here to stay.

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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    I would flip the Mila as well as the JLC since I doubt you will wear that over the Explorer and go with the nicer Explorer and then also pick up a Reverso since you like JLC and need something that can be a dress watch or be worn more casually.
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    Iíve been though the consolidation cycle many times and I can see where youíre coming from. I think youíve zeroed in the watch to move, MUT moon, but I donít think youíve found the right watch to replace it with.

    -you already have a Milgauss. How much wrist time will the explorer honestly get against the milgauss.
    -you mentioned the MUT moon was slightly too big and dressy for you, while the true seconds is not as dressy itís also bigger. And the true seconds wears large due to the dial and bezel design. You may find that this jlc doesnít get that much wear as well.

    If I were you, Iíd sell the MUT moon and sit on the funds until a sure thing comes in.

    Now if you donít mind the flip and trade game then never mind and roll the rice. Regardless good luck and have fun on the hunt.
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    This from your options.

    Otherwise this.
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    Cheers, M

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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    As I read your post I was thinking “He needs an Explorer”. So I’d be going with that option, it does fine in the dressy role as well. (Pay $500 and not deal deal with the chip)

    That being said, If it were me and this was my collection I’d be replacing the Milgauss with the Explorer, or if I wanted to keep the color then replacing it with a Blue Aqua Terra 38.5. It’s funny that you feel like the MUT is too large but not the milgauss, when I tried both on I had the opposite experience.
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    That's one way and those are fine watches, but I really do like the Speedmaster and Milgauss, and I've already dug myself into a hole to flip 2 other watches!

    I bet it's a nice watch, it sure isn't making it any easier for me!

    You're right, I do like JLC. It's something I would have to consider if I go down the Explorer route, I wouldn't have a JLC in the collection..

    Thanks! I think you've hit on a very good point, are either the 1 watch to replace the Moon? Hmm.. I've always felt the MUT Moon would have been absolute perfection if they decreased the dial by 1 or 2mm. I wouldn't have minded if they kept the case size at 39mm). I've never had 2 Rolexes before so I wouldn't know how it would be, but if I liked the Explorer equally as I do with my Speedmaster and Milgauss, my thinking is I should wear it just as often?
    You're right about the True Seconds being bigger (0.6mm), but I believe that is the case size. I had the owner of the True Seconds measure the dial diameter and it was 32mm, whereas the MUT Moon has a 34mm dial. My gut is telling me this would be ok even on a white dial watch which always looks bigger, but hard to say for sure. It would surely wear larger because of the thicker case and design, but I think I am less concerned about the case than the dial diameter. The Milgauss has a relatively large and bulky case and with the dial being 31mm, I find it has great proportions given its sporty nature. I was hoping the True Seconds would translate similarly. What do you think? Also, what did you mean exactly about the dial and bezel design of the True Seconds making it wear larger? How the rehaut slopes outward?

    That memovox is so beautiful. If I didn't already have the Milgauss, I would consider it. They did make a light silver dial one though. Now you are getting me interested in it!

    If I went for the Explorer, I think I would pony up the 500 as well, good call. It's interesting you brought that up-- the Milgauss does have a larger-wearing case-- it's actually part of why I like it so much. The heft and case makes me feel like I'm wearing something substantial. I find it wears its weight extremely well with its curves and is a great example of good problem-solving design from Rolex. I think I find bigger dials more worrisome than big cases, if we were to simplify it.

    Thanks all for input! Anyone else?
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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    If it was my collection I’d flip the MUT and go option 2.

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    Re: Happy holidays-- collection advice please!

    I had the 14270 Explorer (slightly older version of the 114270) and it was the most flexible watch that I ever owned. It looked great with a suit (not like Submariners of Speedmaster like others claim), and also with in very casual attire. That said, you already have two watches that do a decent job of being flexible, so I think something on a leather strap is complimentary. Though a 114270 on leather also looks great, as well as a vintage Datejust. What about a Reverso?

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