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    Harley-Davidson Bulova 78A00

    I don't know where else to post this question. If there is a more appropriate section someone please let me know.

    A friend of mine asked me to change the battery in this watch. The case back looks like it should just pry off but I do not see any visible slot around the edge to slip a tool. I don't want to scratch it up needlessly. I tried screwing it off using friction like on many pocket watches without success. Anyone with previous experience changing a battery in one of these?

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    Re: Harley-Davidson Bulova 78A00

    I would imagine that any jewelry store in Colorado would change the battery for you, including the battery for $10 or less. Last year about this time I was with a friend who had one changed and was charged $7 (including the battery). I would imagine they would change it for you if you had the battery for $5. You might even find some bored mall kiosk employee to do it for you for free... If you aren't 100% sure of yourself, I would not risk scratching up a watch that does not belong to you.
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