Has anyone else faced this dilemma?
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Thread: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

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    Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    Iím currently looking at taking a step up in terms of my collection. Reducing my numbers and increasing my quality.

    The problem Iím having is this; watches are a huge expense for me. I have a great job, but Iím not a rich man. Iím very much blue collar. As I consider taking that step up, Iím getting stuck on the idea of resale value.

    I donít want to buy a watch based on what I can sell it for in a few years, however, I donít have money to burn. If my tastes change, which it might, Iíd like to be able to sell and recover a good percentage of cost. Also, if something were to come up in my life, and I was forced to sell my watches, again, Iíd like to be able to actually sell relatively quickly, without losing too much of my investment.

    This is forcing me away from watches I really want, that might lack the resale of say, Rolex.

    How many of you arenít buying the watches you want because you know youíll take a huge hit if you have to, or want to sell?

    Iím torn between what I want, and what would be a smarter purchase, financially.

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    Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    Why can't you buy the watch u want from a guy who's taking the retail hit because he's the one who has to sell?

    I do understand your dilemma, but it hasn't happened to me. I've never sold s watch.

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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    Hi Rob,

    Speaking as another 'not a rich guy' all I can say is that we gotta keep our wits about us when buying watches. I'm once again scaling down my numbers aiming at 6 once again. If you don't have too many then their value at sale may not be any sort of mental burden.
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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    If resale value is a huge factor for you then you have to buy used.

    I buy used, almost exclusively because Iíve got a core of watches I like too much to sell and the rest is a revolving door. I know this going in so Iím loath to lose 30%-50% on each watch I buy.

    If you buy used someone else takes the big initial depreciation hit for you. Youíll have to be patient and canít expect instant gratification but eventually (and it could months maybe years) you will find the watch you want for a price that will suffer little to no drop in value.
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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    I never buy with the idea of how much I can sell it for. I buy what I like. I have never sold a watch yet and hope to never have to. I to am not rich by any means. If I cant afford it at that moment I will save to buy what I want.
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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    I consider myself a middle-class guy, and I am fortunately not attracted to brands I cannot really afford.

    I couldn't stand owning a Porsche, for example-- way too inefficient, far more power than I could reasonably need, parts are so expensive I couldn't stand spending the money even if I had it! I'm crazy about my MX5, and can get into plenty of trouble with it!

    Similarly, my favorite watch is my Revue Thommen 300m chrono or my Hamilton Khaki Field chrono-- they're both in the $500 range, which, to me, is a lot of money. I'd feel ridiculous wearing a Rolex.

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a speedy reduced, I suppose... but, crap, where would I wear it? I'm a shrink, a lot of my clients are blue collar guys and gals-- production coordinators or mechanics or cops. It would be kind of rude to wear a Rolex, I think. When I go to New York, I stay in my old apartment with my old roommate, and it's a dodgy neighborhood on the upper west side... what, I'm gonna wear an Omega on the subway coming home from my friend's house in Tribeca? A watch like that I'd wear about as often as cufflinks!

    My RT, however, I can actually take diving... and I did. Would have sucked if I'd gashed the bezel on the tank or some coral or something, but not the end of the world!

    I feel your pain, though. I still spend more money than I should, so I take the general point, even if I don't have this specific issue!
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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    Resale value has never come into the calculation for me. I haven't ever experienced my tastes changing after a purchase and I never buy an expensive watch without months of consideration. My two most expensive watches are a Rolex which will retain its value decently and a Hublot which won't. The thing they have in common is that I love them and can't imagine ever wanting or needing to sell them, but who knows what the future will bring? That's what makes life entertaining.

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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    My whole shirt is blue. Pants too. It takes me years to save for certain watches.

    It took about two years to save for my first grail. My second took a little longer than two years, but by then I found a better watch than the one I was originally saving for; a much cooler watch.

    I do have a limit. I want a Rolex DSSD or Omega Ploprof, but I do not realistically see that happening anytime soon. Fortunately, this is a long term sport. It's not like you will be too out of shape to wear the watch you want when your older.

    Nothing wrong with getting an inexpensive stunt double homage while you save.
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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    What are the watches you truly want? Buy them used so you won’t take too much of a hit if you need to sell them.

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    Re: Has anyone else faced this dilemma?

    I bought all my watches with intention to keep. I try to have enough savings so I'd never have to sell a watch to cover unexpected expenses. With watches I bought, I assume there's $0 resale value. I've stopped buying and try to enjoy what I have because if I could do that, then no matter what I have, I could stop buying, which keeps this watch thing affordable.

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