Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?
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Thread: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

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    Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    As I've recently been deconsolidating my collection.
    I've made an excel spreadsheet to total the losses I've made on watch trading/collecting.

    Needless to say, if my significant other ever saw this spreadsheet, not only would I be in the doghouse; but any argument I have ever tried to make that "watch's retain value" would be out the window.

    Have you guys done something similar?
    Or does this indirectly destroy the joy of watch collecting/trading?

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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    Heck, I stopped keeping track after I did my very first sale back in August ... a $300 net loss on a watch I owned for 30 days. Pretty steep rental rate, $10/day, or $60 for each time I wore it. I am focusing more on the growing balance of my watch fund, for the reason you stated, to keep the joy of collecting strong.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    I think that would be too frightening.

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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    I keep an excel spreadsheet as well, not just for watches, but for all the things I collect. It's motivated me to only buy watches that

    1. I really like and wouldn't mind keeping
    2. Are a good enough deal that I can buy them and likely make my money back if I need to sell later

    Obviously this doesn't always pan out in practice, but it's a good goal to have. And since it's rare that a watch will meet both criteria, this policy has helped me to avoid a constant buying/selling cycle and keep my acquisitions in moderation.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    I did. I don't recommend it. I was a much more savvy buyer and seller in my head.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    I’d rather drink a gallon of Frank’s Red Hot on my last square of TP than go through that miserable exercise. Why would you do that to yourself?

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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    I'm into watches strictly as a hobby for the purpose of enjoyment. Watches are generally not good investments so I would be very cautions with trying to combine a hobby with an investment. However, you can be thankful that watches aren't the worst thing to collect...boats are far worse in my experience.

    If you are trying to make a living buying and selling watches (probably those on the higher end) you absolutely should keep good records because your livelihood would be involved and it will force you to make different decisions than a collector. But if you are doing it for fun...keeping good records will likely just make you sad because watches usually depreciate faster than we like to think they do in our minds.

    If I were you, I'd get rid of all evidence regarding your watch purchases/sales and just enjoy the experience. I wouldn't advise you to take a beating on your stuff, but what is a little cash worth to get into the next best thing you are wanting to strap on your wrist? If you are thinking about your purchases carefully (unlike my previous method of acquiring as many as I could get) you shouldn't have to worry about moving that many watches.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    Yes, I have a spreadsheet, it keeps me from going too far overboard with my watch purchases.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    Absolutely. Probably not a requirement for many here, but if you trade somewhat frequently, it certainly seems like a very good idea to me.

    This helps me keep a realistic perspective on value, identifies past mistakes and then reminds me of them to help avoid repeating in the future.

    Fortunately I'm in the green in the long run, and probably because of this approach.

    It should be noted that I generally buy used, and am annoyingly patient when it comes to making sure I get a good price.... and that's probably reinforced by the fact that I know I'll have a record to hold myself accountable.

    To be clear, I don't consider this hobby/affliction an investment, and my mild net gain wouldn't justify the hours invested compared to flipping burgers. In the long run I'm also sure it will swing the other way as the long-term keepers continue to depreciate.

    That said, no matter where the pendulum swings, I think it's a good idea to have at least one eye on it.
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    Re: Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?

    As above, I've learned to wait patiently for used. Previous liquidation houses like Worldofwatches and it's subsidiaries helped me gain traction after initial losses.

    In 2 years of WIS, I'm ~1k loss on ~38k out, ~22k recovered, holding ~17k across 6 pieces.

    Feels like I'm finally slowing down since experiencing watches like Halios and Ginault... Holding and insuring more expensive pieces isn't worth double the cost for 10% more... Similar to cars.

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