Has anyone got one of these?

Thread: Has anyone got one of these?

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    Has anyone got one of these?


    It is from the otto frei store. Being australian I have never heard of them.

    The movement is the 2824-2 auto which appears to be a reliable movement. Cheap too, I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to watches, i dont like busy dials. Any comments??

    Cheers from OZ

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    Re: Has anyone got one of these?

    Never heard of it which makes me think it is a Private Label Brand.

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    Re: Has anyone got one of these?

    Otto Frei seems to pick up a bunch of excess parts from defunct companies or from lines dropped by the company, or just plain surplus, as well as original manufacturer spares and new pade parts. He has had Marcello cases, Zodiac dials, and other stuff.

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