Has your attitude changed over time?
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Thread: Has your attitude changed over time?

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    Has your attitude changed over time?

    Has your attitude or feelings about watches changed over the time you've been in this hobby?

    As an example when I first got into watches I placed quite a bit of importance on accuracy. Over time I started to worry less and less about absolute accuracy and instead started to use it as more of a tool to evaluate the health of my watches. Erratic accuracy and falling amplitude is a symptom, accuracy alone became a curiosity.

    I also stopped obsessing over every ding and scratch. I learned very early on in this hobby that the difference between a new pristine watch and a scuffed one is about one week on the wrist. Now, if I happen to clip a doorknob with my watch, I give it a quick glance to make sure the crystal is intact and then carry on with my life. There was a time where I’d take it off and go over it with a loupe surveying the possible damage, not anymore
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Thought about it and not really. The only notable change is that I’ve now got a lot more time for G Shocks than I used to.
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Buy and no longer flip, and buy what I like/want, not just based on the brand, price, movement, other people's opinions, etc.
    "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped"
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Spending more time enjoying the pieces I own rather than pursuing something I think "might" be better.

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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    I have been more focused on buying slowly and carefully pieces that I really want and keeping them, rather than trying stuff out and flipping them. My last three watches I bought new, whereas I almost never bought new when I first started out. I suppose before I always bought with the assumption I would later sell. That is not so much the case now.
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Common theme from the responses here and I definitely agree... spending more time researching/buying/holding what I really want instead of buying watches that I feel might fill the void and also being caught in a "value trap." That has been an expensive lesson.
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Used to think "Buy Swiss" & "buy expensive" - and for years missed Japanese treasure. After almost 3 decades of exclusively Swiss big named brands, since last summer I have got into Japanese watches, and am so impressed by the quality, price, style & ethos of my growing Japanese watch collection - (2 Casio, 2 Citizen, 6 Seiko). For years you wouldnt have seen me dead in a plastic watch, or solar or....but that was pride and stupidity
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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    I used to think that Rolex was overrated and that there are so many other better brands.
    Now I realise that while there are better watches, there is no better brand (in terms of branding itself) than Rolex.

    I've stopped my purchases; my last watch was Feb 2018 (a Stowa TO2). I don't really need anything else.
    I might likely get a Rolex Explorer I or a Tudor BlackBay 58 should I get a windfall but I don't feel like life would be incomplete without those watches.

    My Stowa TO2 is a completely adequate daily wearer. When I need to rough it up, I wear a GShock. When I need to dress it up, I wear a Nomos Club.
    Why then do I want a Rolex? Just to explorer (ha ha ha) the Crown...and if I don't like it, I'll sell it at a profit (or minimal loss).
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    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
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    I have only a moderate budget on watches. I don't obsess too much.

    What has changed?
    Well, I have observed that there are so many Diver watches and chronograph watches that I am almost tired of the style. Almost nobody dives or counts time on these watches.

    They are the "new style or fashion" of watches.

    A field watch with a fine leather strap has become more appealing.

    Hamilton's line of watches seem to be most interesting.

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    Re: Has your attitude changed over time?

    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyOneMore View Post
    Has your attitude or feelings about watches changed over the time you've been in this hobby?
    I find that I've become more of a snob. I'm not proud of this fact, but I'm not going to lie about it either.

    In the beginning, I could not have cared less about fit and finishing, or about having something uncommon, or a whole bunch of other things that I didn't care about that I do now. And what I have learned is that, the more I've learned about watches, the more I started to care about the minutiae.

    Maybe snob is the wrong word here; I don't really have an opinion about what people wear or what makes them happy. Do what pleases you. But...it takes a lot more to please me now than it did when I got started. And things that I just lived with in the beginning now tend to bother me more. I don't know if that means I've become more discerning, or I've simply drunk the kool-aid I swore I never would. But it does worry me because it does suggest that I'm going to never be happy with an endgame piece, because I'll always find some fault with it.

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