Having problem with my new watch.
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Thread: Having problem with my new watch.

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    Having problem with my new watch.

    Only bought for one day, at angus and coote. The model is Pulsar Pu2013x, it stops working regularly. When I pushed the start button it works, then it stops later, and I pushed the start button again it works again, but later it stops again. I didn't do anything to the watch, didn't put it anywhere near to cold or heat either, just on the desk in my room. The battery is ok I think, there is one little hand still works, but the minute, hour, and second hand wouldn't work after a few minutes of use, I don't know the reason of this. Had a Marathon watch before, same problem, I couldn't figure out what to do with it since I bought it on Ebay and the buyer wouldn't reply me, so I just gave it to others.
    Does anyone knows the reason of this? Is there something I did wrong and didn't notice, or I'm simply bad luck, bought two faulty products? Will take it back to store to check tomorrow, hopefully it will be solved right away instead of sending back for two weeks for reparing lol.

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    Re: Having problem with my new watch.

    I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but, did you read the manual?

    I'm not familiar with that model ... and a quick search seems to indicate that it's a solar watch? hence me asking if you read the manual, who knows you might be able to find the answer there before taking it back to the store,

    hope it'll work out fine for you

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    Re: Having problem with my new watch.

    You have a chronograph, the large seconds hand and small minute hand is used for timing things and are normally parked at the 12 position unless you want to use it.
    The small seconds hand runs all the time.

    When you think it is stopped does it still keep the correct time?

    As above, I think you need to read the instruction manual.
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    Re: Having problem with my new watch.

    I'm not familiar with the watch so can't offer any advice. Some manuals are VERY simple and will drive you nuts but are worth reading all the same if you have any sort of problem. Of course, if you've already read it or the problem persists whip the watch back smartish.

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    Off Topic post Re: Having problem with my new watch.

    Thanks man you are right, only the small second hand on this watch ticks, others only move when 1 minute passes. Found it out by accident, didn't need to read the manual haha.

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    Re: Having problem with my new watch.

    This thread a piss take?
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