Heated titanium watches
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Thread: Heated titanium watches

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    Heated titanium watches

    anyone know of any watches that feature heat treated titanium to produce this kind of colour pattern or similar.

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    Re: Heated titanium watches

    That's a great question! I've never seen any personally, but I remember from my pocket knife days that a lot of custom makers (and some workshop warriors) were "heat anodizing" titanium knife scales. Can't be any different with a watch case/bracelet.

    Now I'm intrigued.

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    Re: Heated titanium watches

    Only one. It looked super kick ass cool and was made by a company called MCCARTHY TIME INSTRUMENTS. I do not know if the company is still active or if the watch went into production. This image is from their blog which has more pictures and information.

    MCCARTHY TIME INSTRUMENTS: New Strap Culture Buckles

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    Re: Heated titanium watches

    Exhaust makers( cars and bikes). Don't know any watch makers.
    Very good question though. Interested to see some.

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    Re: Heated titanium watches

    Just take a heat torch to your watch. When you hear the gaskets sizzling, you know it's done.

    Just kidding. Don't do that.
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    Re: Heated titanium watches

    Quote Originally Posted by rgdipietro View Post
    Just take a heat torch to your watch. When you hear the gaskets sizzling, you know it's done.

    Just kidding. Don't do that.
    Oh a serious note, you could take the movement, rubber and glass out and cook it.
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