Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon
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Thread: Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

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    Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a daily wear watch that is durable, and well built. The ability for it to serve me in a more formal setting, possibly with an aftermarket leather strap, is also a plus, but not do or die. I'm a big guy, and need at least a 43mm face, which I know all of the watches I've listed have, with all that said which watch do you think I should get?

    The Helios Laguna

    The Helson Shark Diver (45mm)

    Or the Boschett harpoon.

    If there's any others you can think of like those feel free to recommend them.

    Thanks for your input,
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    Re: Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

    Tough decision Max. They are all nice. If this were me though, I would jump on the Shark Diver. There is just something about the way these things are built. They just look super tough, and simple to me, plus you have so many options via movement type, dial color, materials, etc. Peter Helson seems to be on the ball with his CS as well. Quite friendly and prompt. I do however love the Boschett Harpoon bracelets. Pretty bad ass looking, and the bezel possess' the look of the Super sweet Marathon one. The Halios, IMHO, just don't make an attractive line to be. But again, just my opinion. The Shark Diver is to have superior Lume as well, which for me is a MUST.

    Hope this helps...

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    Shark Diver all day. I have had all of these models. The SD is the toughest and most versatile. Good luck!
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    Re: Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

    I own the Laguna and Harpoon so I can't really speak about the Shark Diver. Both the Laguna and Harpoon are in heavy rotation. The Harpoon is an amazing watch and is built like a tank -- the bracelet is the best I've seen on any watch. But it's big and beefy (though not overly so) with an aggressive bezel which to me doesn't work in a more formal situation. The Laguna a real beauty and extremely well made. It is slimmer and more understated than the Harpoon with a more subtle design. I love them both (actually own 2 Lagunas) and I think you'd be very happy with either one but if you want a watch that can go more formal I'd go for the Laguna (if you can find one). Good luck.

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    Re: Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

    I think the Halios has the best chance of "passing" for a non-diver if you want to dress it up with a leather strap, so that's my vote.
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    Re: Helios Laguna VS. Helson Shark Diver VS. Boschett Harpoon

    Name:  halios-laguna-main.jpg
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    Just thought the thread could use some pics.
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