Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

Thread: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

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    Smile Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    Wanted to say hello to everyone at this great forum. New here but hopefully not for long. As you'll soon see I have the bug like all you guys!

    I guess I'll jump right in and post one of my recent "dilemmas" of late (notice I said ONE of).

    Currently, my collection consists of some Hammies (2 38mm Field Autos & 1 38mm Field Quartz), a Fortis Flieger GMT, and a Seiko 200m Diver (vintage or thereabout). The dilemma is this: There was a while when I felt that anything above 38mm seemed huge to me. I remembered years ago that a 42mm Field Auto dwarfed my 6.5" wrist . But then I was at my AD one day recently and in an act of defiance I tried on a 42mm Fortis B-42 Auto Diver (awesome watch btw). It looked ok!! B-), I thought, maybe a whole new market I believed was off-limits was suddenly opened to me!

    The problem was that now 38mm began to look small. My Fortis GMT still looks "right" to me at 40mm because it is mostly dial. Likewise anything 42-44mm with some case or bezel showing to "absorb" some of the size. My trusty Hammies, however, seem to have shrunk!

    My original intro to watches came via Hamilton. At the time I knew next to nothing about watches, let alone lug-to-lug (LTL) measurements. But I think maybe the reason I thought >38mm was taboo for so long was because Hamiltons have notoriously long lugs. With all the focus usually on case diameter, I was deceived into thinking that was the important measurement. What I realized was that my arm can accomodate a big watch diameter-wise, but not so LTL. With hindsight, my memory of a 42mm Field Auto being enormous had less to do with its 42mm diameter, and everything to do with its 52mm LTL specs.

    Anyone out there had this dilemma, and specifically, with the 42mm Hamilton Khaki Field Auto? Just how big does this baby wear?

    :thanks Anyway, thanks for listening to my story. Glad to be on the board finally, and again, hello to everyone! :-D


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    Wink Re: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    Sorry, Buddy but I cannot help you with that question since I never owned the mentioned watches

    BTW: A warm welcome on this board

    Joern from Germany
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    Re: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    Welcome to the forum! Yeah I've had that problem, and I've also had it in the reverse direction. When I wore Panerai every day, even my 42mm watches looked small. Then I wore a 36mm Rolex Explorer for a couple of months and 40mm looked to large. It's all a matter of perception. 38mm isn't really small. I now have watches from 36-44mm. 40-42 is really just right for me.

    Welcome to the insanity,
    Wear what you like.

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    Re: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    J.D welcome to our forum!

    Bruce, the insanity? You've heard of the 12 step program?
    The guys have been over this ground before... ejc has it down pat!
    I hate linking to old threads but I couldn't have put it better...


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    Re: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    Welcome to the boards J.D., hope you visit often!
    I've not owned any Hamiltons but I agree 100% with you that lug to lug length is the key factor in determining if a watch is too large. Case/bezel size is just preference and comfort level of the wearer I think, but if the lugs are overhanging/even with the sides of the wrist, it's just too darn big and looks silly.
    However if you visit the Dive Watch Forum here you'll find those guys will NEVER say a watch is too big...lol.
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    Re: Hello All! (+ small intro/discussion question)

    :thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Just a note, after re-reading my post, it seems too critical of Hamilton. I do want to say that the 2 Khaki Field Autos that I own are amazing watches at any price point, but downright unbelievable for what they list. Obviously I like them, I bought 2, and enjoy them immensely, long lugs or not!

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