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    Hello I知 new here be gentle

    hi been given this fero Feldman pocket watch , just wondered if anyone knows anything about it thanks, hopefully you can see the photos I hope I have attached them
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    Re: Hello I知 new here be gentle

    Close up photos with decent lighting would be very helpful. A photo of the movement would be even better.

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    Re: Hello I知 new here be gentle

    Hey Tezza, welcome to the forum! I'm not sure about your watch in particular, but I can give you this general advice so others can help:

    1. Try to take pictures in good lighting and close up. It helps people in the know identify key characteristics of the watch in question.
    2. If you possibly can, open up the caseback or take it into a jeweler who can open up the caseback for you. This will give you a lot of additional information on the movement.
    3. Any additional background can be useful! Did the person who gave it to you tell you where they got it?

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    Re: Hello I知 new here be gentle

    Better pics are required.
    It is not a pocket watch.
    It is a ladies necklace, typical for the 1950s. Decent swiss made - but unexceptional - movements.
    Worth, if any, only sentimental.
    Kind regards

    Instagram @mikestuffler

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    Re: Hello I知 new here be gentle

    I guess the thread belongs to Vintage&Pocket watch forum...
    As Mike said, it's Ladies' pendant watch. But it's good to have insight into movement.

    Welcome, Tezza!
    -- Mimi --

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    Re: Hello I知 new here be gentle

    Welcome, friend

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