HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)

Thread: HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)

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    Picture HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)

    Hey all,
    I'm about to put up a watch for sale on E-bay most likely, Just wanted to know if anyone within the Breitling community could help me appraise it's current value, it's been worn about 5 times, and pretty much has sit in it's box for the remaining duration of it's lifetime since it was manufactured, it was bought for $24,000.

    It has a MOP (Mother of Pearl) Faceplate, 14k Gold, Crocodile Skin Leather band, and was made for Bently as you can see.

    Also any experienced watch traders/sellers have any tips on going about this properly? I'd greatly appreciate any help or aid with the process to make sure that the purchaser and I (seller) will get what they want with the most amount of security on both ends, I.E. being able to assure the buyer that they will get their product, and making sure that I won't get conned, I'm sure that this is a concern for all, so I'd like to avoid any discrepancies and keep a good rapport.

    Thanks again and hope to hear from all of you.

    Sorry if some of the photos are redundant.

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    Re: HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)

    We can't do appraisals, as we don't have the watch in hand. Also it's against forum policy to do appraisals. I suggest searching eBay for completed auctions, or search the Web for used Breitling Bentley watches.
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    Re: HELP: - Aid and Appraisal (Breitling for Bently)

    we are not able to assist you on this matter department, give ebay and the various watch sales forums a try. good luck!

    thread closed.
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