HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

Thread: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

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    HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    As you can see from my Sig., I collect and wear mostly dive, pilot, and “tool” watches.

    I’m about ready to add another and I was wondering which you guys think I should go for?

    An Invicta or ……….…. a rock.

    I thought to make your recommendations a bit easier, I’d offer a comparison.

    Here’s a photo of the rock I’m considering.

    Here’s my comparison.

    1. Respect of the manufacturer.

    Invicta: who knows who really makes these watches.

    Rock: God – ‘nuff said.

    Advantage: Rock

    2. Quality of materials

    Invicta: most are made from some type of scratch-prone metal and plastic.

    Rock: 100% Minerals

    Advantage: Rock

    3. Prestige

    Invicta: from watch-people - none. From general public – they think it’s a watch.

    Rock: from watch people - only slightly higher than Invicta. From general public – they think it’s a rock.

    Advantage: Rock by a hair.

    4. Ability to hold it’s value.

    Invicta: I’ve seen Invictas sell on TV for around $1,000, only to see them selling on TV the next month for $300, then seeing them a month later on websites for $99.

    Rock: unless the construction industry takes a major fall, I estimate the rock to hold it’s current value for at least 1,000 years (if you take inflation into consideration).

    Advantage: Rock.

    5. Aesthetics

    Invicta: There “are” one or two good-looking models from Invicta. These would be the design copies (oops, homages) that they “borrow” from well-respected watch manufacturers.

    Rock: this depends on the rock.

    Advantage: Invicta (unless the rock is silver, gold, or platinum).

    6. Quality

    Invicta: From experience, it should run fairly accurately for at least a month. I’ve heard of several running for less time and some longer.

    Rock: it should perform the same as today, even years down the road.

    Advantage: Rock.

    7. Accuracy

    Invicta: It should run within a minute or two a day of the correct time.

    Rock: if I paint a watch-face on it, it would be dead-on accurate twice a day.

    Advantage: Invicta.

    8. Customer Service

    Invicta: virtually nil.

    Rock: none, but doubtful it would ever require service. It would be cheaper to just replace it.

    Advantage: Rock.

    9. Comfort

    Invicta: not bad - depends on the bracelet or band.

    Rock: pretty comfortable on a Zulu band.

    Advantage: Tie.

    So what should I do?

    Here's the rock on a maroon Zulu.

    Let me know

    NOTE: no offense intended to anyone who may like Invicta watches - I was just having a relaxing Saturday morning and decided to have some fun. I always say to wear what you like, not what others tell you to like.

    - Mike
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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    Sorry, but I can't stop laughing!!

    Does this mean the guys on ShopNBC aren't telling me the truth? My world has come to an end!

    I guess I'll have to go with the rock.

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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    Good laugh. I did buy an Invicta (baby lupah) from SNBC about a year and a half ago, but gave it to my wife. It's actually pretty nice looking, keeps accurate time and my wife loves it.


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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    ROTF!!!!! Great laugh

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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    Normally I would think Invicta, hands down, but that is one darn good looking rock!
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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????


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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    Hahaha! That gave me a good laugh. Thanks

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    Re: HELP: Buy new Invicta or this ?????

    Hummmmmm. Let me think...... Okay thought about it and it has got to be ROCK!!!!!!!


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