Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch
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Thread: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

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    Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    Hello Gents,

    I have decided to buy a 2 Tone watch (Gold and metal) since i Like gold but not too much (will not wear an entire gold watch). Currently I have 2 models I came across and I would really appreciate your help choosing the best out of them or perhaps you can recommend another piece with the same characteristics. These are the main thing that are important to me:

    * Price - Should be around 800$
    * Movement - should be swiss Automatic
    * Diameter - 38-43 mm
    * and of course a 2 tone watch+ Bracelet with gold and metal colors
    * A brushed dial face is an advantage
    * I have no problem wearing Chronograph watches as well

    these are the model I currently found:

    1. Certina DS First Day Date- C014.407.22.031.0
    Name:  Certina.jpg
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    2. Mido Multifort- M005.430.22.031.02
    Name:  M005.430.22.031.02.jpg
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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    TT isn't so popular around here but either of the above seem nice enough - I think I'd go with the Certina for the textured dial - I like.

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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    I'm leaning toward the Certina although I like the bracelet on the Mido better.
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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    I like the Mido...
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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    I like the Certina. If the Mido had a different dial color it could be a contender.

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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    I had that mido and loved it, used to get tons of compliments even from people who have seen me wear all my other watches. I just couldn't get comfortable enough with it to relax and not worry about rubbing up against tables or desks or laptop to avoid scratches on the gold. Hence why I love plain old SS. The PVD coating cant take the abuse. Next time I'll go for solid gold instead of PVD.

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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    IMO the Certina is the better looking watch.

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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    Okay, I know it's not Swiss, but for the money it's easily the equivalent of a ~$1k Swiss watch. I have the steel version with white dial, and it's much nicer than this picture would indicate. Anyway, here's another one to think about. Of the ones you post, I'd go with Mido.

    Name:  WZ0021DE-1.jpg
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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    ^^^ +1 for the Orient Star. it is sure to be a solid choice.

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    Re: Help Choosing a 2 Tone watch

    Stainless steel + copper (or rose gold) actually looks quite decent. It's the stainless steel and normal gold that looks so flashy.

    What i'd kill for is black DLC and copper two tone. My Baby-G looks like that and it looks brutaly awesome. The black and copper goes so great together...
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