Hi Public forum,

Today I am going to show you one of my rarest diving timepieces in my extensive collection. There is a rather fun, adventure filled story behind this so please sit back and enjoy the tale.
I was diving in the Bahamas, Rolley DeepSea strapped to my wrist, suddenly I was shocked to see a glisten around 30ft down. I dropped like a stone to the seabed, like a body dumped by the Mafia, in order to investigate this shining beauty. It was a wristwatch, strapless and braving the deepest depths of the water. I rescued it and transported it back to my homeland, bought a rubber strap and have worn it for beat around activities, such as playing squash.

Here is a couple of pictures. Apologise for the quality of them, this phone is merely for business contacts and not it's multimedia capabilities.

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The watch is Radio Controlled and Solar driven. The logo is an M and what looks like a sort of A.

If someone identifies this watch they get a pat on the back and the rarest, mysterious diving watch case will finally be solved.