i have a couple watches that have most of these features. but not all. i was going to go with the Citizen Skyhawk, as it has all of these features and then some. but i wanted to see what else was out there. im not too fond of the digital displays the skyhawk uses (that doesnt mean, however, that i wont consider other watches with similar displays)

here is the must haves of the watch:

1. chronograph over 60 min
2. radio controlled with Synchronized Time Adjustment Available
3. solar or kinetic powered
4. perpetual callender
5. analog (for the time, or clock, or whatever the proper term is)
6. at least 100 meter water resistance (200+ highly preferred,)

here are the other things i would like, but could live without:

1. alarm
2. power reserve indicator
3. rotating bezel (unidirectional, compass, slide rule, ect)
4. 2nd time zone
5. sapphire crystal
6. Titanium Case (and possibly band)

it seems the skyhawk fits this perfectly, and it does. but i want to see if there are any other options out there. trying to stay arround this price point. the blue angels skyhawk JY0050-55l fits every point in both catagories... but something about the desine of the bezel makes it look... Cheapish (i am not trying to offend anyone that has it, or likes it. overall i do think its a beautiful watch) and again, the digital display is a turn off (who knows, maybe all these features are just too much without one)

I currently have a Citizen that fits the bill of the main requirements except number 1 (it has a chrono, but only 60 minutes) and number 2.
and it has number 1,3, and 4 of the "preferred" list as well. and its a lovely watch IMHO. i just want a bit more.

also, price point. the Titanium blue angles skyhawk is just under $500 grey market. thats the range i need to stay at, asking a but much i know.