Help Identifying Grandpa's Ferrari Watch!

Thread: Help Identifying Grandpa's Ferrari Watch!

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    Hello all,

    Fairly new here and new to watches. Spending most of my time in the Seiko section but I am here with a request:

    Please help me identify this Ferrari watch that my father received from his dad... According to my dad, my grandfather bought this watch on a cruise sometime during the early 80s. He has the box but no paperwork. We are both curious as to the possible origins! Sorry for the lack of more detailed info... but that's why I'm here

    EDIT: Looks like I found it - A Cartier for Ferrari Formula made from '83-'87(?). Seiko movement (whattaya know!) Can anyone share any further info about these watches?

    And now the pictures (best I could do at night in a pinch, but will upload better/more pictures if requested):

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