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    Help identifying some watches

    Hello all, I am very new to the watch game and just started collecting because my grandfather passed away and nobody wanted them but me. I have some pictures of the watches I decided to grab but I cant seem to get them on to this thing. The watches I have are a BULOVA, SOLVIL et TITUS GENEVE AND A Cardinal. I was hoping to get some background info on them.

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    Re: Help identifying some watches

    welcome to the forum, and my condolences

    regarding your watch,
    Bulova is a well known brand with quite a bit of history. One of their most famous model is the Accutron.
    Same goes with Solvil et Titus - started out as a Swiss company that was later sold to a company in Hong Kong that kept its name,
    I hardly read anything negative about them

    Cardinal ... no clue

    best bet to find out more information is the internet/wikipedia

    Bulova and Titus will certainly have their own website and following

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    Re: Help identifying some watches

    Use the search engine on this forum to pull up info on these brands.
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