Help identifying watch "Mirage" on face

Thread: Help identifying watch "Mirage" on face

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    Help identifying watch "Mirage" on face

    Seeking info regarding ladies wristwatch. "Mirage" is written on dial face and on back of dial. I can't find anything regarding this brand. Any information would be much appreciated.
    Really I'm just frustrated that I can't find information as to who the maker is, but after reading responses to other posts I thought I better add watch particulars:
    In addition to saying "Mirage" on the upper face
    the lower face says "Quartz" and the bottom says "Japan" "MOVT" (i believe it's movt . . I don't have my biofocals). Looks like it could be mother of pearl face but of course that could be fake.
    Has a second hand.
    On the back "Mirage" and underneath that "0429244" but the zero is slightly larger font so perhaps it's an alpha-"O". I was thinking this is probably the battery type but I really know next to nothing about watches. Gold-tone chain band with multicolored pear shaped beads which by weight feel like glass. Doesn't look expensive to me. . just trying to figure out who makes it. Was surprised when I didnt get any real hits online.
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    Re: Help identifying watch "Mirage" on face

    Looks like a relatively inexpensive ladies fashion watch. The brand "Mirage" is used by a number of makers but nothing really fits this particular piece. Very hard to date something like this, but for sure it's not older than the 1980s.

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