Help me choose between these movements.

Thread: Help me choose between these movements.

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    Help me choose between these movements.

    I am a novice in this and am looking to buy a watch with either a ETA 2824-2 or a Valjoux 7750.

    I have no preference for either a normal watch or a chrono so all things being equal, I would like to find out which is a more robust movement. Perhaps if it's not too much trouble, could someone kindly post a short list of pros and cons for easy comparison.

    By robust, I mean accurate timekeeping, power reserve, ease and affordability of servicing, overall durability and well oiled mechanics. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Help me choose between these movements.

    If you have no preference, go for the simpler 2824.

    Both movements are well refined workhorses that are accurate and robust timekeepers that can be chronometer certified in the chronometre grade. Power reserve wise, they're both about 40+ hours.

    The 7750 has more moving parts and is therefore more prone to failure (esp. the chronograph functions). The watchmaker usually charge a lot more to service a 7750 due to the movement's complexity.

    Usually a 7750 watch will cost at least 500 and up while one can find 2824 watches from $100+.

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    Re: Help me choose between these movements.

    Both are known to be reliable work horses so follow your personal preferences. Both can be bought with confidence.

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